Heads up ? School The Kidz ?


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First off I?ve built the typical associated dr10 and Traxxas slash platforms. I?ve taken the good things out of each platform and the rest I custom made.

This car is called ? school the kids ? based on my old 55 Chevy big tire drag car

Build sheet
  • dragrace concepts carbon fiber chassis
  • hand spun risers mounts
  • alloy a arms
  • dr10 front bulk head
  • Traxxas bandit rear
  • hardened axles
  • custom camber blocks
  • custom link rods ? not pictured ?
  • custom steering
  • ceramic bearings inside and out
  • dragrace concepts front rims
  • proline clay rear tires
  • hardened hinge pins
  • custom big bore shocks
  • front and rear carbon fiber shock towers
  • slash front axles
  • front and rear anti roll sway bars
  • all metal gearing
  • Traxxas bandit trans ? secret gear ratio?
  • locker
  • McLan graphite LIHV 2s power pack
  • McLan drag king 160 amp esc
    - Flashpack bec Puch power
  • rotor Ron hole shot 4.5 turn ?secret tune?
  • custom hardened spur / pinion ? secret ratio ?
  • modified exotek wheelie bar
  • proline Chevy drag body

This is going to be one fast car. I converted the numbers from amps / motor output / gearing / power weight ratio to a door slammer big tire car 750 hp ? to the wheels ? blown motor w/ 4:10 gearing





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Most of my parts arrived or they are in line for the lathe/mill. here is a sneak peak of mock up before full disassemble, sanding, shimming, , adjusting, oiling , loctite, and torque. My cars go straight down the line for a reason. A lot of time goes into the minuscule minor details. I am also offering my services to build list winning cars. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Just to show I?m not blowing smoke....... here is the mock up pic. The posts following will be every detail step by step? minus my tunes / gear ratios? DM me if you are interested in one of my builds.



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