HobbyWing integrated motor/ ESC

Small Factory

I think this is a great idea. I really dig it.

I think Novak did this a few years ago, but it was sensorless and wouldn't work for our slow stuff.


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Yeah, when we're trying to shoe horn electronics into builds this could be a lifesaver... depending on price and functionality...


Putting it in "H"
Yeah, it definitely looks interesting. I can see how it wouldn't appeal to some, but for those of us with real estate issues, this could totally be a thing!


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So what is the list price? I didn't see one on the link included. And would that be 1/25 or 1/10 scale?


I think it might flop except for very specific purposes maybe it’ll work for comp crawling but I see thermal protection issues, I see comps working because sometimes esc location is a issue and comps are short runs I think $100 would be reasonable but I understand they need to make back development costs