How to - lenses


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I?m in the process of printing a new body and I have buckets for the lights, but what I don?t have are lenses. What are you fine folks doing for lenses?

My thoughts at the moment are to use thin lexan and cut/bend/heat it into the shape I need but I wanted to see if there are any other genius ideas I haven?t thought of yet.




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I'd hit your local dollar stores, or thrift stores, in search of transparent tchotchke, kitchen items (tupperware etc) or maybe even toy level vehicles with windows or lenses that can be sized.


Hit up a Craft store and look for 'googilie eyes' or 'wiggly eyes'. The glue on eyes with a clear lens, whitebacking, and a black pupil that moves around inside. Get the pack with a bunch of different sizes.

If you find the right size, it's a really nice dome top for headlights, emergency vehicle lights, and bubble windows

Trim carefully, or file to final size

Also they're a thin enough plastic that you can oval it a little to make it fit some not-round stuff