Idaho's "Rocky River Farms".... and Trails. My journey for a back yard RC world


It's me again.
Going to be a ton of work landscaping and making things better and home.
But ya.
This will give ya all an idea of what I have to work with.

No clue where the pirate ship tree house is going yet. But We are taking it with us.

Thats the Snake River in back ground.
The old stage coach line used to run threw their some where.
Anyways...hope you enjoy the new journeys.
Mmmmm probably should start another U-tube channel....nope.


Congrats!! That's a huge move, but sounds totally worth the effort. Going to be awesome.

Do we start the sign up for the scale RC event now, or do we have to wait a bit? Haha


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Congrats on the move and on eventually starting up a Snake River Mining claim.

Should be really cool to see the next set of ways this truck scenery will evolve