ivan stewart decals?


hey there just wondering if anyone knows where to get decals to do the ivan stewart theme on a short course truck? HPI has a body listed but it doesn't say whether it is prepainted or comes with the decals? has anyone bought this body? does it come prepainted or are the decals separate?the only other source i have found is a guy in australia who makes decals and sells them. they look ok. I was hoping to find somethinng better.

any help would be apreciated.



What the hell was that?!
I had the body. It came unpainted and I had to apply the decals myself. I wish they could be purchased separately.


yeah would be nice to just buy decals. somewhere i remember seeing a website where people scanned and shared all there rc decals but no luck finding it again.

i found this site but thinking it might be cheaper and easier to buy the HPI body just for the decls than get these shipped from australia. also i have never heard of the guy before. always wonder what you aare going to get when you order online like that



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They'll never be the same quality, just do the body and save the panels for a wide body project later.
Just my 2 cents on the matter


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go to know. Santa is bringing my oldest a mini-trophy. Wives can't get pissed at Santa. anyway, the ivan stewart edition is a lot more, I guess because the body is painted. anyway, I'm getting the regular MT & will get the unpainted Ivan Stewart body & was wondering this myself.