Jeremiah cans.......


Scaled, but not fishy.
Gudday fellow tiny truckers :biggthumpup:

I recently purchased some nice little 3D printed jerry cans for use as scale accessories on an upcoming project.

3D printed jerry van raw.jpg

I thought the print quality and detail was quite good considering they were only $6 AUS each.:biggthumpup:

I did want to make them a tad more scale looking though. So after a quick bit of sanding, out came the filler/primer.

3D printed jerry van in filler-primer.jpg

I then sanded and repeated this process a few times.

3D printed jerry can primer-filler sanded.jpg

Next I tried my hand at air brushing for the first time. I also added some shading and then did a few chipping passes using a piece of foam.

3D printed jerry can painted and weathered.jpg

3D printed jerry can painted and weathered 2.jpg

I ended up spending quite a bit of time on these which probably seems silly, but it was an enjoyable process and I am quite happy with how they turned out.

3D printed jerry can the pair.jpg

Thanks for checking out my weather beaten old cans.....::D::lol::laughing:


Scaled, but not fishy.
Great job! Those look like Knight Customs' cans.

Thanks for the compliment mate. :biggthumpup: However, I am a bit concerned now......

After checking out the Knight Customs' My Mini Factory site, I agree, they do look very similar to James' design but with a couple of subtle differences.
I purchased them from an Aussie seller on eBay, naively thinking I was supporting a local RC maker/enthusiast. :blush:
I sincerely hope he hasn't copied James' design or is trying to make money off someone else's STL file. :eek: ::awwcrap
Hopefully that's not the case.
I guess a standard NATO j/can, if done properly, should look like everybody else's standard NATO j/can. :hmmm: ;)