JSSCALE Experience May 13th and 14th


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Hi everybody !

Please find above all the details you need regarding our next great scale event . This event is 100% free and 200 % scale oriented

This event takes place in south of Luxemburg , between Kayl and Esch Alzette . GPS point : 49.485684, 6.004130




1:00 PM Opening of the site

2:00 PM Start of the experience

The afternoon will be dedicated to the election of the best scale vehicule of the event. It will be elected by a jury and according the following criteria:

*Esthetical aspect of the vehicule
*Overall dynamics of the vehicule
*Driving skills of the pilot
A specified area will be dedicated to. Each vehicule will cross this area in presence of* jury's members.
The winner will win goods from JS SCALE Company.

Epic identified open trails will be available for the drivers.

7:00 PM Meal on a tasty restaurant close to the area. Evening with chats, experiences, good vibes along with the JS SCALE stand and team as well.

9:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Trailing day on small groups of 6 drivers leading by an event official.

You will discover epic trails and fantastic landspaces at the heart of the Terres Rouges:

Expect: canyon, red rocks, adventure and fun! Especially adapted for scale vehicules. No competition and ranking ! The point is to drive realisticly with mutual assistance within groups.

A media coverage will be assured.

We are looking forward to seeing you all!


1. Only one vehicule can be allowed for the registration per driver.

2. During the online registration ( mail to jsscale@gmx.fr) the driver has to provide at least 4 detailled and cleared pictures (JPEG) with an approprioate picture resolution. The 4 sides of the vehicule must be show on the pictures.

3. The vehicule scale has to be between 1:8 and 1:10 The trucks are allowed according the same requirement as below.

4. Each registered vehicule must be the replica of an existing 1:1 vehicule and is "street legal" in its country of origin :
* Licence plate is required
* Vehicule interior required
* Realistic scale driver required

5. An harmonious relation is required between: tire size, vehicule height and body. There will be no class (class 0 / class 1 / class 2 / class 3 ) category on this event.

6. It is important to have proper recovery items within the vehicule: whinch, towing strap, recovery tracks, hook...etc. Solid towing area on the vehicule are recommanded.

7. The Even Officials have the right to reject a vehicule which is not following the spirit of this Experience.

Keep it scale!!