Kamaz Inspired Dakar Build - The Tekin K55

Ty Campbell

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Earlier this year we finished the first Dakar rally truck build based off an M1079 concept, dubbed the M-55.


The build was so much fun that we decided to follow it up with another. This one will be based off the Team Kamaz Master 4326 Redbull trucks. Just like last time, here's the concept for the Tekin K-55 Rally Truck.

K55 Rally Truck Concept.jpg

To change things up a bit, I decided it was appropriate to go 2.2s and run RC4WD ZXL 5.2" military tires as the real Kamaz run 52" tires. The build sheet is almost identical to the M-55:


Custom 3/8" Aluminum C-Channel


Tekin RX4
Tekin ROC412HD 4200kV
Tekin T-440 Servo
Spektrum SR2000
ESS One Sound System
Lots of LEDs


Axial SCX10-II w/divorced transfer case

Front Axle

Vanquish Currie F9 SCX10-II
Vanquish Knuckles
Vanquish Knuckle Bushings
Vanquish Spiral Cut Ring/Pinion Gears
Vanquish Spool
Vanquish 12mm Wheel Hex
Incision VXD Shafts
Fast Eddy Bearings

Rear Axle

Vanquish Currie F9 SCX10-II
Vanquish Spiral Cut Ring/Pinion Gears
Vanquish Spool
Vanquish 12mm Wheel Hex
Vanquish AR44 Axle Shafts
Fast Eddy Bearings

Wheels & Tires

Vanquish 2.2 Method 105s
Vanquish .600 Hubs
RC4WD 2.2 ZXL 5.2" Tires


RC4WD King Shocks
Vanquish Trailing Arms F/R
Vanquish Currie Anti-Rock Sway Bars F/R
Incision Bomber Rear Links F/R

Buckle up for another 3D printed adventure! Always fun to start with a pile of goodies picture.


Ty Campbell

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First order of business, duplicating the frame setup from the M-55 truck so I reprinted the center drop skid and battery tray pieces out of Makeshaper ABS.


Once everything was drilled out and test fitted, I started driling holes in the fresh cut frame rails and mounting all the pieces up.



Ty Campbell

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Axle assembly was smooth sailing, Vanquish Products Currie F9s are a joy to assemble. All Vanquish parts and some Fast Eddy bearings to finish them off. Decided to go all grey underneath on this one since the truck is dark schemed.


Bomber trailing arms for the front and rear.


Axles mounted to the chassis with Incision Bomber stainless upper links. Servo bracket for on axle mounting.



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i will wait for the end, because you prove multiple times, that it can?t go other way than to masterpiece.


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Wow, first Dakar build was outstanding, this one is sure to please as well! Going to be fun to follow!


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Looking good so far!! Nice move with the 2.2s! Nice! And the center section is really cool!!

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Ty Campbell

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Excited to watch. Perfect tire.

It should fit the bill nicely. Test fit a set on the other truck, I really like the look and stance.

I just read the article about this in Car Action magazine. Really astounding!

Thank you!

These builds are crazy. I can't wait to watch this one unfold.

Appreciate it!

Looking good so far!! Nice move with the 2.2s! Nice! And the center section is really cool!!

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Thanks! I think the 2.2 tire will just up the awesome factor, plus they are the right kind of tire.

we want more

Working on it! I've got a few builds going simultaneously, hopefully have an update for this one soon!

Ty Campbell

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Progress! Not a ton, but it's some. Got the transmission assembled and mounted in the truck yesterday and built the drive shafts. Decided to go 2300kV this time around and run 4S. Just need to drill the holes for the battery trays and then it's on to the shock hoops!



Ty Campbell

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More progress! We are printing out the panels for the cab right now, so hopefully in a few days we will have something that resembles a truck to show! Today I got the front bumper brackets cleaned up and mount on the bumper, then mounted the whole assembly to the frame rails.


Cab hinge for some tilty action just like the real ones! Also mocked up the front shock hoops.


Wheelbase stretched out to 437mm. The previous truck was 393mm. This truck will be quite a bit longer and wider than the first one!


Mocked up rear shock hoops. Took some thinking and two revisions to get them to sit here since we flipped the transmission. I had to notch the gear cover for the right side hoop to fit where it needs to be. Since this truck is so much longer than the M-55, we will need a short carrier shaft off the transfer case to keep our driveshafts an acceptable length. Plan to use another transfer case output shaft, a super short WB-HD driveshaft and some printed plastic magic.


Still got TONS to do, but parts are coming off the printer pretty quickly (knock on wood) so it will start taking shape very soon!

Ty Campbell

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Couple more parts off the printer and ready for lots of sanding and filing.

Starting on the cab, got the front nose piece and one door printed out. Sanding and filing like crazy on this one.

Half of the cab floor, still lots of work to do.

These are the section just behind the cab and in front of the rear box.