Kamaz Inspired Dakar Build - The Tekin K55


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My wife was looking over my shoulder while I was looking at this thread. She actually said I need a 3D printer... so I got your build to thank for that. Amazing work and thought process.

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My wife was looking over my shoulder while I was looking at this thread. She actually said I need a 3D printer... so I got your build to thank for that. Amazing work and thought process.

You can do some pretty awesome things with them! I'm still learning to draw, this whole truck was done by my cousin who is also our lead designer here at Tekin.


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It's pretty ok. Wrap will hide all my bad paint work.

Even without paint and stickers it?s a killer job. The engineering is great to look at!!!

With the 2.2 it?s a little more to scale compared to the vs410 and scx10 rigs, isn?t it, Ty?

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Update for the week; painting has begun! Here's a little teaser for now until the wrap is on. Next week I hope to knock out the interior, paint the chassis and start reassembling for the final time.


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Most everything is painted now with the exception of a few parts that still need to print (printer has been down for over a week now :biggthumpup:) so it's almost time for the final assembly! Frame is fresh out of paint and I'll start to video the assembly process from here on out. Hoping to be wrapped up in the next 3 weeks or so if everything falls into place, Axialfest is the deadline!



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Amazing! Makes me think that I need to work on my patience and try to achieve this level. Hope to see it at Axialfest!

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A ton has happened these past few weeks and it's time for a big update. I'm pushing hard to get this done in time for Axialfest and right now it's looking pretty good!

When the frame came out of paint it was time to start pulling the wiring through. There's a mile of wire in this truck; well not really, but there is just about 30 feet of it. Yes, you read that correctly. Two Tekin servos, an RX4, the ROC412 HD 2300kV, a Spektrum 6ch receiver, GT Power LED box, 24 individual LEDs, 2 6" LED strips, a ProLine 6" LED bar and one radio controlled dual-port lighting switch. I think that's all of it and did I mention it is a ton of wiring? First pic shows some of the bundle that I ran under the transmission and down the left frame rail. We designed a receiver box with a wire conduit off the side and printed a bunch of 90* "L" brackets for securing the wiring inside the frame rail. Everything tucks away and goes up into the fuel cell in the back to the LED box and switch.



The battery wiring took some careful routing, but with a bit of patience I managed to sneak it through the drop frame where it's safely secured under the drive shaft. Running 2 ProTek 8200mAh 2S LIHV packs in this truck series for 4S voltage. The wires running back to the RX4 are secured with some Axial wire clips.



I really focused on wire management with this build and my goal is to tuck everything as neatly and discrete as possible. I re-purposed a few of our sensor wire sleeves to hide and protect a lot of the small gauge stuff and make it look neat. Plus lots of little Tekin logos all over the place!


The tail lights look perfect and are mounted in Axial barrel buckets. Don't mind the door, it will all be covered with a wrap in a few days time.


The rock lights are mounted in Axial buckets as well. The rears mount to a box truss and the fronts mount to the limiter strap mounts. I sleeved all the wiring in Tekin sensor wire sleeves. I also mounted the ESS ONE+ sound module behind the cab. It's nice and loud!



There are two 6" LED strips inside the rear box running off the 4S circuit. The switch is just to the rear left of the ESC next to a rock light pod. Nice and bright inside! Shows off the inside really well. I have to say, I'm really proud of the wiring I did in this truck. All those hours were definitely worth the effort.



The cab is coming along great so far. Got a windshield cut and the roof is mounted. I just need to finish up detailing on the dashboard, put the roll cage, floor and seats in and then it can get mounted to the front hinge.


The cab exterior is looking awesome. We have the air unit up top, intake brush guards, A-pillar guards, a badass windshield visor and the main brush guard installed. She looks mean and I love it.


I'm definitely feeling the pressure to get this truck done for Axialfest. It drives, shifts gears, lights all work and makes diesel noises so now I just have to crack down and finish up the last few projects to get it ready to go. Once the cab is finished and mounted I just need to start wrapping it. There are some parts that can't go on until they are wrapped and some need to come off to be wrapped, but it should happen fairly quickly. Then I just need to secure a few LEDs and check this almost year long project off my list and relax.

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This is just impressive!! Can't wait wraps!

Thanks! I should have it wrapped this weekend and then it's on to Axialfest!

it's going to look like a concert driving around with all those lights, lol. love it can't wait to see it done!

Yep, I wanted it super lit!

So rad Ty. It's really amazing.

Thank you sir!

Level of detail on this truck is really impressive. Even the wiring is beautiful!:drooler:

Thanks! I definitely went all out on the wiring on this one.

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Couple more things completed on the truck today. Got the rear mudflaps printed out of Bridge, painted and installed. Fronts will go on probably last.


Got inner splash guards on the front painted and mounted up and also got the dual shock setup on the front axle done.


Lastly and this is probably my favorite part of the whole build, the mesh box top. This was a tricky piece to pull off, but I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out. We used actual screen mesh for screen printing and stretched it a tad in the custom frame that holds it and the lexan top panel together. Once it was in place, I laid a vinyl on it and airbrushed the mesh the same grey blue as the rest of the truck. Then I peeled off the logo mask and done!


Now I just have to wrap the beast and put all the panels on. The cab can then go together completely and be mounted to the hinge. Then I'll show you how we're holding it down!


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saw it in Harley video today from Axial fest and it looks amazing. BAck of truck looks like one of those plexi cages for pc :-D gj