Kamaz Inspired Dakar Build - The Tekin K55

Ty Campbell

Playing with toys
I posted a few teasers last week leading up to Axialfest 2019, but here is the truck wrapped and about 99% complete!

On the way to Axialfest 2019!



On display at the Tekin booth on some brand new RC4WD scale garage flooring!



Then the good stuff because this truck will be no shelf queen. We stopped off in Nevada at some sand dunes off HWY 95 and put the K-55 to the test in the sand and I am extremely happy with how well it does. Plenty of wheel speed to get up pretty steep inclines and the suspension really works and keeps it pretty stable. The Antirock sway bars are set to full stiff so the body roll is acceptable for an 18.3lb truck moving at close to 20mph across the sand. I still need to tune the springs some, stiffer would help and I definitely need to go up in oil weight but it is pretty good as it is!




And yeah, I do drive these things. Within reason of course, but they get put through their scale paces!





More action shots to come as I start sifting through all the video we took and a video will be done up as quickly as I can make it happen!


Congrats on the well deserved move. This truly is an epic build. Finished off with the best pictures I've seen in recent memory. The dune jumping is FANTASTIC.

So well done!!


Ty Campbell

Playing with toys
Thank you everyone for the compliments! This project was fun and stressful at the same time but in the end it is always worth it. Got some more pictures and shot more video last week, should have time to get some videos edited soon! Found just a bit of silt, which was a lot of fun but it's also everywhere and things are starting to squeak!






Also had some minor issues, the biggest one being our bearing carrier for the drive shafts. Looks like there is a little bit missing now. Going to have to tear down to replace it with a different design.


The rear drive shaft is a bit twisted also, but I expected it when we've got 4S pushing an 18.3lb truck around.


Ty Campbell

Playing with toys
Thanks everyone! I'm working on new video showing some of the build process. Hope to have it done here soon!


It's me again.
Too cool.
Well deserved move to the finest.

I love the dirt on grime on it, makes it look even more realistic .

Top notch and a beautiful build.
Congrats again.

Small Factory

I watched the YouTube video on this, and man, it is impressive...

I have always loved these rally truck builds, and this is the best one I personally have seen to date.