Kev's new shop/shops.



wow Kev, that is a big flip on that room! looks great. and no..... ive unpacked half of my rc stuff lots still in boxes...... i gotta splurge and buy some shelving for my hobby room(2nd bedroom) and my closet is painted with 80's spaceman silver:blink:


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Man that was 3 hrs of walpaper just for the closet. BTW....who tha hell wallpapers inside a closet including shelves? LOL[/quote]

dont worry buddy

the wallpaper steamer is on its way to make life easier
whats that truck mmm im thinking again


Good use of space or the lack of..... How big"or small" is the room? I still like your old shop.


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Spent the few days of holidays that i had this year getting organized. Thought I'd update the thread a little....

The room is approx 11'x15' excluding the little doorway so it's similar to living on the boat, everything has or will have dual functions.

Everyone asks how and where I take my pics now that I don't have the photo booth in the shop...well here it is. I still haven't applied the piece of weatherstrip in these photos but you get the idea (the weather strip goes on the bottom of the upper panel, when it folds up it makes an almost seamless transition between the panels, photoshop gets rid of the small dis-colorization in the images for the magazine or high quality print images.

Folded up it sits right behind the door and takes up no room and is super low tech!

Parts List
- 2 sheets of white malamine board
- 2 hinges
- Hooks and chain to hold the lower half when it's up
- Screws and hardware to mount




The lighting was a little expensive but is kind of multi purpose.
The light mounted to the ceiling is a Day Light lamp and pumps out a mean amount of light (and heat) The additional light comes from 3 other sources, 2 are Ott Lights (full spektrum lighting) and lastly to spread a little warm directional light the one on the filing cabinet twists around in front of the object being photographed.

Just as a side note, the Day Light is really nice to have on in the winter after 4 solid months of rain and overcast skies.
Still getting ready for trim and flooring but need to make this totally functional to keep up with all of the projects
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Just snapped a pic of the wall of shame....I know I've got a problem!
I made myself a deal though. as soon as there's no room left on the shelves aside from the Clod and my crawler (that will hang on the wall) something's gotta go.

Apparently besides my boat, the other RCs no longer make nice living room decorations?

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Just snapped a pic of the wall of shame....I know I've got a problem!
I made myself a deal though. as soon as there's no room left on the shelves aside from the Clod and my crawler (that will hang on the wall) something's gotta go.

Apparently besides my boat, the other RCs no longer make nice living room decorations?


Why is the Z up on that shelf. I thought that belong to Martina there it should be in the living room. That way you have one more free spot on the shelf. LOL

That is not a wall of shame that, that is a wall of coolness. Looks like you are settling into your new shop just fine.



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Well, this is as good as the workspace gets until we put the new floors in and finish the room.
I can at least find almost everything I'm looking is the downstairs shop!

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Finally now that the reno's almost complete I can get to making my hobby room the way I want it.
I spoiled myself a little and got my transparent cutting mat for my table...
Let there be light!!!



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That's far out man. What is the advantage to having a light up workbench? Pardonmyworkbenchn00bness.
Thanks Richard.
Well it's not on full time as it's killer on the eyes. Sending some early years in graphics I spent some time cutting on these and 8hrs on it will give you a mind bending headache.
My main reason is for all of my graphic stuff, the light table's super for tracing designs, cutting masks, vinyl and lighting detail parts when your head's in the way of all the overhead lighting. Very handy for dashboard light test and anything printed semi-transparent. Having the clear cutting mat helps protect the glass surface, still allows me to use the light table and keep my styrene cuts clean using the grid.
I'm going to tear the table back down before spring, paint clean and experiment with bulbs.
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What the hell was that?!
Very cool, thanks for the knowledge! I figured some of it was for tracing and cutting things out. It certainly makes for a neat effect.


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They make a great table if you can find em used as they're very expensive new. A little extreme for those who will only use them a few times a year. You'd be surprised how often you'd use them if it was beside you... I do suggest guys make or find a small table (8x10) as they make a nice addition to your tool arsenal!


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Been a while since I've updated this and lots done now that I'm doing more models and non toxic stuff, I'll catch you up to speed...

New tool day a while back!
I see allot of brass and model building in my future so with some xmas money a little elf left me I ordered some new stuff. Micromark Universal Bender, Mini Brake, FotoEtch Cutters, Sprue Cutters, Burnishing Tool, Mandrel, Mini Bits, Polishing Set and my favorite... Worlds Smallest Brushes!


Managed to get, just made it through the last bin of hardware... then found two more bins behind the boxes under the table... uggg! My Ikea lamp melted the switch out of it so I invested in the new LED unit with magnifyer.


New paint racks.




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Getting the hobby bench cleaned and organized. A few wooden organizers arrived in the post todayfrom MicroMark. Also added a few wooden boxes of my own. All are solid mounted on a piece of one side finished ply and varnished. Now nothing will slide around and I've got a place to hang tape and specialty tools. A whole box of new tools and toys arrived so I can't wait to get them in their new spots.


Starting to get settled in, figuring out where things should go. It's kinda fun deciding what should live where. Recycling a few more wooden things, bamboo cuttlery drawers for loose styrene stock and decals. Now that the contents of my scale bin and RC sticker drawers have been liquidated I can get them sorted for new stuff.

Also liberated M's tablet so I can run the chrome cast through it... I can keep up on my netflix and how to's when she's not using it!


Found a cheap little 6" fan at CTyre for $12. Now the only toxic thing left in this area will be ABS solvent (used in small doses) this little fan will keep the fresh air flowing past my face so it can't get to me as easy. Have another larger fan going in too but need to wait till I paint to mount it.


The next area on my list... right side wall is getting the treatment next. Most of the heavier tools will be going down to the lower shop so this will leave room for some better organization.



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New tool day!
Got my newest airbrush, Pasche Talon and finally a new Scilent Compressor. Got a nice discount on this display model yesterday. Pasche DC600R... 50db so nice and quiet for the hobby room.

Now just waiting on the mini spray booth to arrive!



chicks dig small trucks
wow! what a cool well organized space. Having been a drafter from the old days, I've spent a few hours over a light table... we have several nice big ones at work that don't get used anymore.... hmmmm.