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Back in 2011, Nobel A.K.A. Lebon, a very good client of JKRC got in touch with me with a special project request. Nobel was interested in the ICON tribute builds I had scheduled for this season but he wanted something with a touch more detail. Now I’m not sure which build request came first but in late February he flew into California to see Jonathan Ward at ICON 4x4 for a tour of the facilities. In the coming days I received an email from Jonathan letting me know our friend was in for a visit. Not only was Nobel talking about our planned scale Cruiser project but was ordering the real deal, an ICON FJ44. Speaking with Jonathan I was thrilled to find that he not only wanted to participate and consult on the scale replica build, he would also be providing all of the necessary files and specs for the from the full size build. It’s amazing to have him participate and having a brand like ICON endorse my build really is an honor. After a crap load of excitement, months of emails, phone calls overseas and down south we’re very proud to announce one of my largest and most detailed missions to date...

the OFFICIAL ICON project – scaling down the 44
As always, it begins with pages of parts, reference photos and lengthily to-do lists. Deciding on materials and sources for recreating all of the scale components may take a while but I know you guys will enjoy the process as much as I.

Having accurate frame rails is a must so Chris Robinson (Generis) at GCM Racing is turning out the frame rails from ICON's files and making the first of the adjustments to the RC4WD 44 axles. The rest of the chassis will be built here by hand, trying trying to be as true to the original as possible. Modifying a vacuum formed polycarbonate body just wasn’t an option this round. Prototyping a scratch built replica body is difficult, lucky for me finding a pro to take on the task of something this detailed was a synch! Our resident styrene expert, Richard Lutz (Pardonmyn00b) and his talented paws have already started hand crafting panels.

Stay tuned for lots of photos, write-ups and building!
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Like all of their vehicles this truck is built following a very specific build sheet and requests from the customer.
At this point we know it will be based on the FJ44 (Long wheelbase 4 door) Platform and currently the design theme will be ICON's "Old School" look that features the more nostalgic looking Land Cruiser stuff. Final specs on the driveline is still to be determined but will feature the fully linked modern suspension instead of leafs. I'll share the options, specs, color and details as they come in.



Specs and details on the way
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This was my first inspiration for my FJ build, but I changed my mind into what it will be in the future.

Will be watch'n for ideas for sure. hmmm


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I'm so excited, pics will be on the way soon as parts start rolling in. I know n00b will be posting some of those body development photos as we go. Axles should be at the GCM shop for all the new Dana housings to get machined too.


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Wow... just wow. A fantasy build for sure.

Just curious, will it be 1/10th or 1/8th?

Standing by...


very cool!!! will be awesome to see another amazing build from the JKRC shop.

you and Noob working together..... throw in a bit of copious and you guys will be unstoppable especially with icon as a factory supporter.


I'm confused. Did there used to be a separate company called icon which made the 40,45 and 44 and Toyota later bought the design and called it there own? Or is icon just a nickname?


What the hell was that?!
Hey guys, I think it's about time I enter this thread. I don't have much to show, but it's a start! I'm very excited to be working on this project. Kevin has a great team assembled.

I started with vacuum forming a hood out of styrene. I figured it would be easier to make a mold and just pop one of these out instead of cutting a million pieces of styrene to get all the curves down.

So now it's game on. I not used to starting a body with the front. I usually start on the back and work my way forward. I don't know why really, just how I did my first one and it stuck. Wish me luck. :laugh: