::KJ's:: The Wack Job lll - goin into round 3


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It was only a matter of time.
Back in 2007 I completed my first real scaler with full frame and cage structure. Based on the just released AX10 chassis the Proline Bushwacker body came to life and was dubbed....
The Wack Job - Location: Somewhere in the USA

In late 2008 it was time for another version. The second started out as a full Trailfinder chassis later to be modified with better components and drivetrain.
The Wack Job II - Location: Alberta, Canada (owned by Jester)

This series I think is past due for another installment and this one's going to be really extra special featuring premier scaler parts you guys are going to love. Also as mentioned down in the JKRC sub forum this will be one of 3 of my final large projects in this shop...

More details to come for the Wack Job III!
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First bits and details on the list...

- For the first time the body will be the Tamiya FJ Cruiser so we're looking at a realistic shorter wheelbase and far better body detail that the previous Prolines.
- GCM Transfer case
- Full Leaf spring setup
- Tires (TBD) will be mounted on the new GCM G series 1.9 wheels with that killer rotor combo.
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That's okay Jim...this one's not for sale, can always build your own though.

Just got the word, chassis in to be anodized tomorrow morning so it'll be here next week.
Looks like I'd better get cracking!

Just getting in the mock up chassis pics, will upload those in a while
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LOL, ya I know...that's my fault...going to try to start keeping some of my favorites.

A few of the dev photos from GCM yesterday, thought I'd share the prototype pics with you.
You can't see the leaf mounts on the axle side just yet but most of this will give you the idea.
Nice that all components are adjustable within the C-channel rails....man I love these rails!


Plenty of chassis left up front for the FJ


New transmission plate design for optimal clearance and low COG


The shackles and spring perches mount from the inside of the rails

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I see where the spring perches have a bolt holding them on, but they look like they're part of the frame.


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Well after yesterdays conversation with the GCM mad scientist... this project just got way bigger.
The WJIII will now be a slightly modified tow rig with trailer and will eventually haul the WJIV (This will be a tube style rig)
Will now be changing the title to Wacked Out!


ya looking good so far kev i really like the chassis also. i want one :laugh:


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So Canada Post must not have liked the heat yesterday, Chris over-nighted the parcel but no luck...pacing past the front door this morning. Man I'm exited!
I have one day to build the rig, do the write up, snaps some pictures and do some video....:huh:
Last night I locked myself outside and worked on all the bits that I could to help prepare.

First off was the Transfer Case....these things are killer.
It's nice to see companies designing and machining strong products.


Lots of brake clean to make sure there's no oil on th egrub screws or gears

Lock tite....and loads of it. I let everything set over night and packed it with white lithium grease this morning.

Next was trimming the axles, taking off the lower link mounts, removing the posts for the servo plate mounts.
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After removing the upper posts I filled the hole with a little shoe goo to make sure nothing would make it down into the diff. Then I gave both axles a splash of textured black to make them look a little more realistic.

Using a stock AX Tranny with no slipper clutch and 4 Losi MRC shocks. The 4Ten is made to recieve these perfectly, so I removed the springs inside and out, adjustable collar and refilled them with Tamiya "Soft" shock oil.

After as much of the practical was done I started on the rear body mount. Doubles as a bumper/tire rack/trailer hitch. The Hitch is removable so I can adjust for height when we get the ride height established and start machining the trailer.
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Roof rack and tire rack complete and sprayed everything before shutting down at 3am

A few of the details in place...

Come awn mail lady!!!!
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Wahoo...I like the mail lady again...2 full black anodized 4TEN kits are here.
Should be building by noon!


This is one I will be watching very closely. Nice work so far Kevin, but lets get some more photo's up. Get Rick over there posting photo's while you build.:laugh:


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Okay after finding out I only had two leafs here I had to do an emergency run into the city yesterday. Got started around 4pm but made some serious progress. Was supposed to have this done for my article around 5pm but was able to get an extension....I think this will be my first 24hr scale build!

Okay so the anodized prototypes arrived yesterday, the second set is for my project on top of the trailer.

This U Bolt style setup is wicked, there's no way there will be any slip between this and the axle.

Installed the Hilux springs in the rear with the smallest helper. For now the shock perch is inwards but if need be I can just flip it around to the outside.


Started with Tundra leafs on the front, they're much shorter so of course it changed the geometry of things. Without the 3" Lift (now included with the frame sets) kit there just wasn't enough clearance up front.....this is the point I got to go for a nice 225km tour through cottage country on a Friday afternoon to get more leafs....arrrg!
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As if a long awaited leaf spring kit wasn't cool enough, this is where Chris's work shines the most. The 4TEN chassis is full on C channeled and every billet part is interchangable and offset making mounting combinations a very nice surprise.

The leaf perches, servo mount, transmission mount can all be switched from side to side, OPTIONS!!!

Because I'm doing the short wheelbase I needed to trim the shafts down a bit

Axial transmission in place and all cross members mounted final using a dab of loktite.

Another mount with options...flipped vertical or horizontal, mount the case up down or under over.
You can make so many fine adjustments, it's almost like Lego! LOL

Upper shaft is in place, drive line's smooth.

Motor (old faithful, Tamiya 27T) is in and running an 18T pinion to start.wj3_stp_28.jpg
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