Knight Customs parts for the Axial Jeep (SCX10)


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I have just released a number of new parts for the Axial SCX10 jeep.

First up are a set of 5 scale door handles. A few other people have created this part for the JK. I wanted to make my design different by re-creating the recess in the door in addition to a few more smaller details to the handle and offering them in the highest detail material currently available.

The part is scaled to match the original sticker exactly so if you don't want to go to the trouble of adding the recess you can just fix them over the existing sticker.

Priced at $16.99 for a set of 5 (screws sold separately).

Available at:





Here are the parts as they come from Shapeways:


Shown painted with Tamiya TS Spray paint.



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Next up is a set of rear door hinges for the tail gate. These fit exactly to the stock detail already on the rear of the body. The parts are held in place by screws in the inside of the body (screws not included).

Priced at $19.99 for a pair.

Available at:




The parts as they come raw from Shapeways:


Shown spray painted with Tamiya TS paint.



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As we come into the holiday season I wanted to share a quick update on where my latest project is going. First thanks to all those who have purchased the new Jeep parts so far. Any feedback on your experience with the parts is greatly appreciated.

Here is a little sneak peek of all the other parts coming soon. I am hoping to get these all done to be ready to order in time for Xmas, but depending on how many changes are needed to get the parts right, some may get delayed until the new year.

Parts list:
Modular Fuel Packs
Modular Fuel Pack rear rack
Top rack (sized to fit Proline scale cooler)
Inner fenders front & rear
Modular Roof rack & Exo frame (full length shown, rear 1/2 length will also be available)

Roof rack front 3:4 11-6-14.jpg

Roof rack rear 3:4 11-6-14.jpg

Roof rack side 11-6-14.jpg


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Here is a quick look at the Snorkel I have in the works. I am hoping this works as well on my Axial Jeep as it does on on "China" 2 Door JK body as I am going to be building one using Chris' awesome GCM parts.

Jeep Snorkel render.jpg


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I'm so excited to see these parts. I have a 2dr JK built on all GCM parts (Skeleton Chassis and all) I'd like to see if the inner fenders fit, very excited for those. Awesome work.


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Thanks SoCrawl, these pics might help you. I don't have one of Chris' awesome GCM skeleton chassis' (yet) so I can't comment on how they would fit or attach to the chassis. You can see the fronts fit nicely to the inside of the body.


The rears would need to be narrowed but should be able to be fitted with some work.


I hope that helps?

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Hi guys, I just posted all my jeep parts for sale on shapeways:

Inner fenders Front $37.99


Inner fender Rear $27.99


Snorkel $24.99


Modular rear rack system $27.99 (fuel packs sold separately).


Fuel Packs $8.99 each (2 needed to connect as shown in image).


All parts printed to order via shapeways, typically it takes 1-2 wks depending on how busy they are. Shipping is $4.99 (USPS first class)

Thanks for all the support and comments to help me make these parts as good as possible.



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