Lancia Rally 037 MkII


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And yet another retrospective update starting with a teaser as requested by Frederik:


Need to deal with the wrinkles on the vinyl stickers?


Also, I split in two the propshaft to the front axle and bought a small piece of stainless steel tube with matching inner diameter so that I can extend the drive to the new position of the front axle in case I need to react to the very powerful engine making the car undrivable using the rear drive only (which I suspect it will). My intention is to bond the pieces together using the venerable J-B Weld epoxy adhesive (the high strength option), calcs show it should be strong enough at ~5000PSI shear strength and fingers crossed it is. From past experience, one of the most important factors is surface preparation and I haven?t speared my efforts there. In the past, in a similar drive application, I have used 3M?s 9323 adhesive, which performs exceptionally well in temperatures below 70-80deg, but I haven?t got this available to me at this moment in time, so I very much hope the J-B Weld holds:



And the bonded assembly curing on top of the radiator:


Thanks for checking,


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You could use a plastic burnishing tool and a heat gun to get those wrinkles out. Should be fine with the Shapeways prints, they're not nearly as reactive to heat as a typical FDM PLA print would be! Looks so great!


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I'll be interested to see how your lengthened drive shaft works for you. I tried a similar approach on my electric build but it was the shorter half shafts and I tried using threaded sleeves and even putting a pin through them to keep them from unscrewing from the sleeve. I had to give up, but your approach looks like it might work. I eventually found half shafts the right length and discarded my fabricated ones. Enjoying this build.


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Much obliged guys.

imthatguy - I am finding myself having to do this every few days, as it settles on the surface and then wrinkles up again. You are correct that material I have used (Nylon) is able to withstand quite a lot of heat, but I have to be careful about the paint (automotive) I have applied. I am now leaning towards doing tiny slits and splicing the ends together.

JunkGTZ - I am keeping my fingers crossed. One thing that I am hoping will help is that the torque on the propshafts is less than that on the halfshafts, but doing the calcs, the safety factor on the bonded joint is not massive. I hope I can soon test it.

pera2008 - thank you sir.


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Fingers crossed here too for the shaft, this is interesting as I have thought in the past about lengthening shafts too but never really found a way that I would trust myself doing properly :laughing:

Thanks for the teaser shot hahahaha


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Next update in chronological order ? at this point of the build, time was nearing the Rally Legend event in San Marino, which was the focal point of the project ? as I mentioned in my earliest post, the idea was to run the finished car in the paddock of this very popular historic rallying event, whose organisers managed to go ahead this year against all odds. Actually, they had to change the timing, moving it a week ahead of schedule just a month before, which nearly ruined all my plans and ?meticulous? preparations, and meant I had to accelerate my work on the car. At the time I was seriously frustrated by this decision but in exchange of emails, the organisers assured me (for some unknown reason they seem to respond to people?s emails!) it was the only way the rally would go ahead and with a hindsight, that was the right decision even if it meant the pressure to finish the car was immense.

If the above wasn?t enough, the UK Government had imposed a 14 days self-isolation for anybody visiting France - and driving to Italy (which at the time did not incur a ?time penalty?) inevitably meant driving through France. That scuppered my plans to take the whole family with me, but luckily my elder daughter?s school had agreed to accept the 14 days isolation and not count them towards an unauthorised absence (they have a good home schooling system, which they have to in these challenging times), which meant I had a vital helper with me.

As a side note here, on the Wednesday of the event?s week, we pondered flying directly to Italy so that we need not self-isolate upon retur, but that was quickly discarded when we realised the model is bigger than any of our suitcases and placing it in one in disassembled state, leaves no room for cushioning. And neither we would have been able to carry the nitro fuel with us (would have had to source it in Italy).

We managed to finish packing and loading at 1am on the morning of the day we had to leave at the latest (Thursday before the event). Off for two and a half hours sleep then up and soon on our way to Folkstone to board the train.

Once we reached our destination (after torrential rain for most of the way) and checked in at the hotel on Friday afternoon, we drove to the rally village, found free parking slot on the side of the road, set up the picnic table and get on with finishing the model ? there was another day?s work according to my estimates. Luckily Saturday morning was rainy so it didn?t feel like we were missing valuable time for running the model, which at the end was ready by the afternoon, doing the finishing touches in the hotel room.

The big moment came on Saturday evening when we were finally able to fire up the engine and run the model for the first time in the rally village paddock ? we didn?t actually push the model too hard and run only for few minutes, as neither the engine nor the suspension were properly tuned and set up and as the engine had not been properly run in, I didn?t want to destroy it either. However, it was enough to say we did it! And then having the taste of nitro fumes in the mouth for couple of days.

One interesting fact was that I kept bothering a lady from the organising committee, to be allowed to run the model in the paddock and she just kept responding it was not up to her and she needs permission from the people in power, but I am sure she must have been saying to herself ?just run it you idiot, nobody will tell you off? and to be fair she would have been right if she did, as the people there are motorsport mad and truly enthusiastic for such activities, while health and safety does not translate into fun packed motorsport Italian.

We left San Marino on Sunday afternoon and arrived back in the UK on Monday evening and had to self-isolate for 14 days, though I have to say France felt very safe and we hardly met anyone while stopping to refuel.

All in all, a fantastic experience. Next on the agenda was engine and suspension tuning runs.

Chassis assembled before leaving:



The way the model arrived in the hotel room in San Marino:


Working on the side of the road in the rally village, the domino blocks are there to place the chassis at the correct ride height and determine correct damper length:


Rebuilding the dampers to the correct length ? I used o-rings placed under the piston to reduce the length to the desired value:


Finishing touches in the hotel room:



Helicopter tape laid:















With the original:





Fuelled and ready to go:



An amateur compilation of our run:

Time to go home:


Thanks for reading,


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Cheers Lem.

Yes, the o-rings under the piston seem to work very well. If you have to work on dampers and have the option, damper body/shaft clamp tool is a must, I would say.



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Lem, forgot to mention that you need to ensure you get the Viton rubber o-rings as this is required for them to work successfully with the hydraulic damper fluid.



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Very nice to see it all assembled and running, sliding around! That's a very cool design body.

By the way, you can embed the youtube video with the video icon when you post (the second icon from the right) so it is actually embedded instead of an hyperlink, but also you need to use the share link in youtube, it is a different link than the one you used. Otherwise it will still be just an hyperlink. If you prefer to not have an embedded link and keep the traffic on youtube directly, let me know I can edit this and remove it!



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Cheers Fred, that is a good reminder, don't mind at all.
I started writing my entries in Word as I had couple of times when the page froze while adding images and I lost the text, so I now copy and paste the image links in the required format in the Word document before pasting everything here, but as I hadn't posted videos before, I forgot to convert the video link to embedded video.


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Hi Guys, running in rear wheel drive only was very challenging, really struggling for rear grip and breaking distances were horrendous, so as expected mounted the extended front propshaft and I am very happy to say that after five tanks of fuel, it is holding very well. I have gone through a lot of full load reversal cycles (full power/full braking) and luckily it is in one piece. Another interesting bit of info is that I was a bit concerned the difference between front and rear wheel diameters will create a lot of power loss, but pushing the car along does not appear to be any trouble at all, for reference front wheel dia is 110mm and rear is 115mm. Few images:




Happy and prosperous new year to all and happy creating!



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Nice that it held! So how was the driving with the 4wd? Does it still slide around a bit or is it very sticky now?

In the pictures it looks like one of the front tires is off the rim on the inside, I guess it is because the tires are not glued and they just fall off a bit hahaha I do the same so I can change my mind on tires or wheels at any time lol But it does cause some trouble sometimes, tires spinning inside of wheels, tires popping off etc..