Land Rover Defender D90 Cab Harbody 1/10


I would like to present one of our newest bodies. Land Rover Defender D90 Cab Hardbody in scale 1/10. It is compatible with RC4WD bodyparts and match other Defender bodies in size. This version is mentioned for custom builds of trucks, pick ups, flat beds, campers or any utility trucks or truggies. Feel free to share some inspiration how would you use this body!!! In near future there is a plan to finish a scale deep rear bed for this body to fit D110 wheelbase.

Now the body is open to pre-order with discount on our store.

Body includes all bodyparts needed including clear lexan cut windows.

Some shots:

d90 cab prezentace (Custom).JPG

IMG_8044at (Custom).JPG

IMG_8045a (Medium) (Custom).JPG

IMG_8046a (Medium) (Custom).JPG

IMG_8047a (Medium) (Custom).JPG

IMG_8048a (Medium) (Custom).JPG

Based on Loops Model Prototype D110 Aluminium Chassis

IMG_9546_hdr (Custom).jpg

IMG_9637a (Custom).JPG

IMG_9582_hdr (Custom).jpg

IMG_9585_hdr (Custom).jpg

IMG_9600a (Custom).JPG

IMG_9603_hdr (Custom).jpg

IMG_9579_hdr (Custom).jpg

IMG_9591_hdr (Custom).jpg

IMG_9618_hdr (Custom).jpg