Leaf spring questions


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Hey guys, I?m beginning a new bright international CXT build and I want to start planning for my leaf springs before I start building my frame. Does anyone have any suggestions of what spring to use with how heavy this rig is gonna end up? This will be my first time using leaf springs, so truly any info is appreciated on my end.

I?m also planning on leaf springing the rear of the red chevy, I?m currently running element shocks with the ifs spring in the rear which don?t have a listed rating, but I would bet it?s over 2lbs/inch. So once again I have no idea what leafs I should try to run on this guy either. [emoji52]

Anyways thank you guys for letting me in on the leaf spring secrets. [emoji1787]




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I tend to find the wheelbase first, mount the front mounts first to the chassis.
Also try to the have the pinion angle flat or pointed slightly upwards towards the transmission.

I then hold the the shackles onto the rear of the frame while mounted on the leaf springs.
You want the shackles to be mounted such way that from the frame they point rearwards in a slight angle.
But you don't want so much angle that the shackles can go over the point where they pop and bind the shackles towards the frame.
If the shackles point straight down the suspension will not give as much articulation as they could provide.
Worst is if the shackles points froward to the pumpkin as the suspension will not compress.
If you are using rear shackle mounts like the ones for the Bruiser, you could mount that to the leafs, move them forward and backwards on the fram til you find the sweetspot.
Remeber you can use shocks to limit the up travel so the the shackles would not pop over the bind point.

You may add or remove leafs to give the right spring tension when you have worked out the ride hight.

RC4WD red springs are the softest out there, but they need to be used together with other leafs as they are far to soft for a vehicle as as single springs.
RC4WD has also black ones that are stiffer, and they offer those in different lengts.

Tamiya has also several ones, usually fitted to the Hi-lift series or tractor trucks.
The Thundra has the shortest ones at 95mm eye to eye if I remeber correct.
Usually the leafs are around 120mm in length.

Xtra Speed has also some that are universal, I bet those is made under several brands.

And recently Boom Racing also offer leaf springs, those I have used myself, but they seems to work good from the reviews I've seen.

I don't like to use shocks with springs internaly or on the outside as I only want the leafs to do the spring job.

Hope that helps.