Leaf Sprung 10.2 Power Wagon


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Have had the rc4wd 10.2 leaf spring conversion sitting around for a while and decided to finally build it.

Wanted to use an older body so the Proline Power Wagon body is perfect for it. Ordered up a raw builders kit, some electronics and got to work.

Didn't get much done tonight, but did get the chassis into a roller. Not for sure what transmission I want to use yet so left that out for now. Will be trimming the body this week and getting it mounted hopefully. Just need to figure out colors lol


I didn't take to many pictures, I just started building lol. The conversion kit went together pretty easily using the online manual from rc4wd.





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While I am waiting on some parts to get this thing together, I decided to do a quick paint job on it. Went with something simple and clean. Used what I had laying around as I have to order any paint, so Silver and black it was lol.




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Finally got my wheel/tire setup in. Wanted to go with a basic wheel, and seems as how the leaf springs make it sit higher, I went with a bigger tire to help fill the gap. Some ssd wheels, brake rotor hubs, and proline flat iron xl's made its way onto the truck.



Than it was on to electronics. A basic Hobbywing 1080, Team brood brushed motor, and reefs servo went in.


Also I decided to go with magnets for body mounting instead of body clips. Much nicer look. Than it was on testing. Ran it outside for a few and everything works good. Leaf springs are super stiff, and I dont have shocks on yet. Gonna try and get some run time on this weekend and see how it all works.