lighting on the 200 lumens



I love the look of lights on R/C vehicles...hate the fact that they're unusable...way too dim.
The Wraith has gotten a bit of a bump in output...about 10X. Not only is night crawling now possible, so is rock racing. It's a LOT more fun when you can actually see.

Lux-rc builds them as a self contained, headlight shaped unit with the lamp, emitter and controller integrated in an aluminium housing. Wide span of acceptable voltage, and you can run them off the reciever power or an independant battery.

BTW...since someone on another forum felt that anyone showing any level of enthusisam for a product HAD to be selling something; I AM NOT in any way affiliated with this company, did NOT get anything for free, am NOT selling anything. I am a happy customer, that;s it, that's all.

I posted this info here and in an couple of other forums since I thought my fellow R/C'ers may find it useful info..period..
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