Limited Edition Castings - Wild Willy Moto Driver


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I have for sale a limited run of 50 drivers for sale. These are professionally cast driver figures that are a direct fit for the Wild Willy 2 body and will also fit the Wild Willy original body with a slight sanding of the heel of the shoe.

The painted models shown are thanks to Jeremy Fish aka Delux.

This was a labor of love and will be the only set of casting I will make, each individually numbered and signed by me. After these are sold the only way to get this driver will be the 3D printed version through my store. These castings are crisper than the shapeways parts so if you are looking for the absolute best in finish out of the box, these can not be beat.

The helmet will work with standard WW body and vise verse. I prefer to sell as a set but I will sell helmets and body's separate if needed.

$50 - Helmet, with face, visor and clear goggles
$50 - Body & Arms
$100 - for a complete driver

Shipping is $5 within US, $10 international.

Please PM me through the forum if you want to order one.

Once again, when these are gone, they are gone. The mold is spent and I don't intend of creating another. Low numbers ship first in order of payments received (Paypal only). At the time of placing this add only 40 left (Nov 14th 2013).

Delux showing how awesome this drivers can look when painted (images used with Jeremy's permission)



photo 2.JPG

photo 1.JPG

Driver Final grey a sml.jpg

Driver Final grey b sml.jpg

Driver Final grey c sml.jpg

Driver Final grey e sml.jpg