LS Mail Jeep


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What a great piece to finish!

Always nice to hear of people in the community supporting each other too!

Thanks, I was stressing that this would not work. Was pleasantly surprised at how good of definition came out. This is a awesome community, people always bend over backwards to help each other.

This thing is so money. Can we petition to move this to Guild's Finest?!

Thanks, thats very kind!


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OMG......LOVE the louver's!!!! What an awesome addition to an already stellar build!!! Killed it Wes!!!


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I used a new process for me on this build. The last piece of this puzzle is an aluminum louvers plate attached to the center bump of the hood.

I thought of several different methods for accomplishing this, but decided on doing stamped aluminum. The idea was seen on Harley Designs YouTube channel. Basically you make a positive and negative mold and press soft aluminum between them. Josh at Harley Designs was kind enough to help me with some of the design struggles.

I am new to Fusion 360 and do not own a 3D printed. However, I wish I had a dollar for everytime someone tells me to buy one. Anyway, I used several new to me design techniques picked up by scouring YouTube. I especially like Lars Christianson for his educational videos.

My friends at Adam and Aiden Pocono Scale offered to print the molds for me. After a few back and forth between Adam and Josh, I finally got the mold to a good spot. If I was to start over again, I would do so much different but I was too far down the road on this one.

Instead of buying expensive soft aluminum from McMaster Carr, I used aluminum flashing from the hardware store. It was $1.70 so we?ll within the budget. The aluminum was cut to rough shape and placed in the mold. I first squeezed it in the vise and then smacked it with a dead blow hammer several times. The end result is amazing. Not as crisp as it could have been, but more amazing than I could have dreamed.



This is epic! I need a 3d printer!


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The LS Mail Jeep has found its new home. The day after I delivered it, the truck was out doing its thing. That makes me very happy to see him enjoying it.

He is planning on going to Moab soon with his 1:1 and will detour to visit with the actual LS Mail Jeep. I?m hoping for some pictures for sure.