Manitou FJ62


Thank you!

Went out for a drive after some heavy rain to find some river crossings.





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I "upgraded" to a Savox servo on 1 of my SCX10's and damn it whines like a banshee lol, I couldnt use it so went back to the Power HD servos.
That smoke kit made me laugh, I love it, what kind of oil does it burn and how long does a tank last?, Oh if it could run on diesel for that authentic smell id have 1 lol


Haha yeah I'm done with Savox!

It has gone over an hour, and I was told it can do around 2 hours if not churning smoke the entire time. It comes with liquid smoke but I have to say I don't see why it wouldn't burn "vape juice" so you could make it smell like whatever you want. I got a coupe bottles when I ordered so I'll use those at first...maybe try something else when I run out. But yes a diesel smell would be great!


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Did you make the 3d body or was this a kit? I have been wanting to make one for my 85 fj. Very nice build!!

You should probably read through the thread, but yes, 3D printed kit available from Manitou Liu on Facebook.
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