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So here's my latest Landcruiser build. I had met Keith from FJ Co dealing with some customer stuff, and when he showed me images of his FJ60 I was immediately in love. When I was able to get a high top body from Manitou, I knew this was the truck to build. It's a mixture of a few years. It is a non US high top, think they call them BJ's elsewhere in the world. It has an FJ62 drivetrain, 3FE with injection and an auto trans, in an FJ60 body. Couple things like marker lights and rear wiper were deleted from the full size truck, but I love the marker lights...

I got legit Toyota Olive 637 paint in a spray can from Cruiser Corps. They stock every color if you're ever looking to match any year Landcruiser. I may try and bug a friend to paint the pinstripes from the full size rig...or if I can find someone to make me decals. We'll see.

The chassis is a GCM Racing CMAX as always with these big bodies. Drivetrain is RC4WD Yota2 axles, Tamiya leafs, 1/18 OME shocks, Hobbywing Fusion all in one motor/esc, and a reefs 299lp servo, all in the sake of saving space to allow all the electronics to fit under the hood, to allow for a full interior. The Helios battery is also key in making things fit.

Mfab bodies take some assembly, but the newer prints require much less body work and sanding. Also bolted together panels helps alot...and gives pathways to run wires for the lights. The lights are on a separate remote wired to a 9 volt, so the lights can be turned on without running the truck.

Wanted to use Bob Ross from Neca. The perfect truck for him with all this headroom. I made him a little loose in the hips so the moving steering wheel adds some movement to his upper body. Nothing major, but it seemed more realistic that just his arms moving.

Interior panels are all leather, headliner and pillars are suede, and then some brown felt for carpet.

Bob brought along some paint supplies, and also has his fancy new rubber boots courtesy of Old Son. Thanks again, Michael. His pet squirrel is back there too.

The bumpers, mirrors, and a few other chrome pieces are airbrushed Molotol chrome. First time I tried that method and I will definitely be doing that again. With Alclad clear coat airbrushed over the chrome it looks great and stays that way.

The black metal pieces with the springs inside is the rear body mount. The rear piece fits into the bumper and the spring allows it to be squeezed into place and then holds tension on the body.

The FJ55 license plate is just a place holder....waiting on the correct tags. But wanted to show off the new tag lights.

Had a lot of fun building this one. Couple more little things here and there. Look forward to running it at the creek soon.

Thanks for checking it out.




















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OOOOF, nailed it dude. You must have chuffed yourself pretty hard after finishing this one. Killer.


Thank you, Sir. There might have been some chuffing...I think. [Pulls out American/Canadian dictionary]


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So, this is exactly what made me buy my first rc a couple of months ago.

I want to make beauts like this someday! Absolutely amazing

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While I wait for a lost delivery of some vinyl for some stripe attempts, I took the crew out for a family gathering. Also wanted to show the final little lighting additions. The mini me RC in the back seat and remote are now wired to a lighting channel, and the cell phone on the front seat on another.

Included a picture of the lighting remotes as I was going to put decals on them to help differentiate which one goes to which truck, then decided to paint match them instead. Figured why not rust the 62 remote as well.

I'll hopefully have some fully completed pictures once I get the side stripes sorted.

Thanks for checking it out.