MRP High Roller Restoration


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A couple years ago I visited my LHS for a sad event, they were closing their doors and started having a large sale to clear out inventory, etc.

Anyhow they found an old monster truck chassis tucked into the back of the storage room. They didn?t know why it was in there or what make/model it was. Mike and Tony knew I liked fixing and restoring old crap and asked me if was interested in it for a project and so it came home with me[emoji16]

After a bit of searching I realized it was an old MRP High Roller from the late 80?s. I totally forgot about that one and this is the first I?ve seen in person. Overall I got very lucky on this find. The drivetrain turns, all the dog bones, etc. are accounted for. Heck it still has the original rubber but unfortunately they?re cracked due to the age.

Since this thing basically sat in a cave for possibly 30+ years the nylon parts are still nice and white, appears to be no yellowing at all and still pliable!

Apparently the main gearboxes were a fairly delicate mechanism so the plan is to fabricate a replacement with a more robust gear train. As well the suspension was seized up. After removing 16 friction shocks (4 per corner lol) the suspension cycles freely, awesome!

So the first step in this process will be disassemble, clean and take stock of what?s required to get the axle assemblies in running condition. After that will be the design and fabrication of a more robust drivetrain for the gearbox.

The High Roller rocked an older Ford square body which was missing unfortunately but a major bonus is the waterproof under tray was still intact! With a bit of luck I?ll be able find a similar style from Proline, etc. Wheelbase looks to be the same as a clod so there should be some good options out there.

At the end of the day all I want out of this rig is to take it for an old school RC run and take it to events as a conversation piece. No idea how long this will take but I figured it would be good to document the tear down and restoration of this old girl as they are few and far between and very little information on it.

This is a long shot but if anyone has an old manual kicking around and could make a copy I?d be over the moon grateful[emoji16] Cheers!





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