My first scaler: Wrangler-10


Maybe take up knitting.
First off, I'm going to thank Crawl Canada and the superior build skills here for inspiring me to tackle something I've wanted to do for a long time.. Thanks to all and sorry if I've copied some of your ideas!! :beerchug:

This is a cross between a slow and totally incapable Walmart Jeep with the turning radius of a 4-8-4 locomotive and an ARTR axten. I've been very successful with the ARTR on the home courses, and it's been tuned up and very capable. Now thanks to a modified X-Trail chassis (I think that is what it is?) and some creativity, I'm pleased to say it looks cool and has almost the same capabilities as the ARTR even though it's a full droop and a tad less center clearance... Here's the rig:
The front bumper sides were trimmed off to keep the rubber free on hard twists and steering.

I mounted the ARTR antenna holder through the bumper from the bottom and it looks perfect!

The M2 Hammers are amazing and the rocker steps are taking a large beating..

I trimmed a bit of the lower fender lip directly above the tire in this pic to clear the treads, and it's not binding at all now.

The equipment inside is as follows from left to right:
Strapped to the upper shock spreader is the 4ch TRX RX with 2 zipties.
The gearbox is 14/86 and a 24v Johnson 600 motor stuck to a XL-5 ESC mounted on the front upper links.
The battery is a 7.4v 5000MaH lipo mounted to the front shock spreader and the front body mount. There is also a buzzer attached to the balance port. It's still going after I'm tired.

Here's the front body mount with the battery attached, and the 2070 digital TRX servo for steering (perfect, by the way..) All the body mounts are bent and drilled .050 lexan, and it's as solid as a rock, but might not snap the body off if it's rolled down a cliff (hope not).

You can see below from the rear that the frame is spaced around half inch wider than the ARTR stuff allowed. This makes it a nice scale size and gave me the option (I wanted) to mount the TRX BigBore shocks internally and use the medium TCS internal springs all around.

You can see here also the center body mount on the outside of the frame. This is the one that really holds things in place for good. It's low and tight. You can also see here that the rear bent links are located on new holes up and back from the skidplate holes. This gave nice wheelbase with the 98mm links up front, and also a tight triangulation to bring the center of motion back some more. I am totally pleased with the way this performs, and it's looking good also, like a nice offroad rig that's used by the wife for the kid-van.. ;)

I'll keep cleaning up the details, and get it weathered and decked out with some options. A mesh grill, winch, etc.. and get some new shots for it also.. I'm still liking the 2.2 rims, and had debated a 1.9 for scale looks, but I'm liking it..
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Maybe take up knitting.

Some more pics from today.


As Compared to my Super rig: which drives over the Wrangler-10 like a twig...

Now make some videos :)

Update: Feb 09, Doing a rebuild on the Jeep HERE
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