My new and improved basement man cave/hobby room.


well after years of doing my hobby stuff on old beat up desks and stuff piled in corners, I finally had enough. spent the last few weeks building, cleaning and organizing my hobby space in the basement. I am so happy.



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That's a beauty! Great work, man! Now I hope you can find stuff HAHA!


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Oh wow. What a great space to play in Chris. Amazing! Although, I don't see a certain CJ anywhere… ;)


thanks guys. the cj is on the top shelf behind the unimog. it is waiting its turn for now. still working on the chassis. need to find a way to make the rc4wd axles fit the gcm chassis.


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Thats a relly nice workspace! So clean an organized ...
Wish it would be mine.....:biggthumpup:



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Yes, nice and clean and organized. I don't know what I'd do in an organized workspace. Sort of like waiting on a slow computer at work, all that time I spend looking for a certain tool between steps... gives me time to think.

kidding... I just can't seem to stay organized.


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Nicely done pal, looks way more organized since the last time I was there.
It's nice sitting down and having a clean spot to work, everything within reach and OCD compliant.