My new RC area!!

Crawler Addict

V.I.P. Member
Believe it or not the building of this room was the girlfriends idea, we re-configured the basement and it is 100% more functional, now and I get a large hobby room out of the deal. Bonus::D:

I would still like to build a paint booth, a sanding booth and put up more shelves. Another project that I will be starting as soon as I get more shelving will be another bench were the black stand is now, this bench will be the base of my scale garage/photo booth. Excited to grow into this new space, it is so much better than the rubbermaid table under the stairs.....LOL

Ethan Boening

New member
Drool..... looks like an awesome place to build your next rig! Look into getting a set of led shop lights. They'll eliminate most of the shadows that you get from moving around to get different angles. Probably one of the best things I ever put into my "RC room".

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