NC60 Axles by BowHouse RC


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BowHouse RC is excited to announce the all-new NC60 axle family. Based on the same architecture as our popular NCYota family, we created the all-new NC60 to offer the look of 60-Series and 14-bolt axles to fit a wide range of platforms with the performance and durability you've come to expect from BowHouse RC.




As with our NCYota axles, the NC60 axles use GCM Racing CVDs and rear axle shafts (the same parts used for the GCM TMX/TM8 axles) combined with Vaterra Ascender ring/pinion gears, and the BowHouse RC double shear knuckle / lockout combo.

For the NC60s, we have developed our broadest range of fitments to date, with more to come. Our initial versions include:
  • 170mm leafed axles with choice of left or right drop for RC4WD or GCM CMAX
  • 170mm linked axles with choice of left or right drop for RC4WD Gelande 2
  • 170mm linked axles with right drop for GCM CMAX and RC4WD TF2

We offer complete axle sets (housings, diff covers and hardware kits) for customers in the U.S. & Canada through our website. Our new configurator allows you to choose different options for your front housing, rear housing and diff covers when you place your order:

International customers can buy the full range of axle housings and diff covers through our Shapeways store and purchase hardware kits from GCM Racing and JSScale.

Please note that the GCM-supplied hardware kits now include our NCYota Double Shear Knuckle and Lockout Combo, so you do not need to purchase that separately if you purchase a hardware kit from us or through GCM/JSScale.