NCYota Double Shear Knuckles and Lockouts for Ascender, NCYota and TM8/TMX


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BowHouse RC is excited to announce the NCYota Double Shear Knuckles and Lockouts. These are a direct fit for the Vaterra Ascender, BowHouse RC NCYota, and GCM Racing TM8/TMX axles. They are available as knuckles only or as a knuckle/lockout combo.

NCYota Knuckle 1 with logo.jpg


  • Double-shear knuckle design for extra strength, durability and steering response
  • Mechanical stop on knuckles to help protect against over-steering
  • Improved geometry vs. stock Ascender knuckles to reduce stress on CVDs
  • Improved wheel/tire clearance compared to stock Ascender knuckles
  • Lockouts feature integrated brake dust shield
  • Available with knuckles only or knuckle/lockout combo
  • Bolt-on solution uses stock hardware with no modifications required

The double-shear knuckles correct the gap between the bottom of the stock knuckles and the c-hubs. Here is a close-up of the stock knuckle:
View attachment 19948

When under load, this can create upward pressure on the CVDs and increase stress/wear of the CVDs. Our knuckles eliminate that gap:
View attachment 19949

Here are some more pictures installed:





These are available for purchase through our website (, on our Shapeways store ( and at RPP Hobby (

Thanks for looking!