NEED HELP! Hatch automation


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Hey everyone,
I have scoured the internet trying to find a solution to this but really have not found one. I have a large scale vehicle that I have cut open the complete side as a ?hatch? to show contents of inside. I want the hatch to open and close automatically, but cannot figure out how to do it. I obviously am very limited space and it is a gift so I don?t want to put an expensive Microcontroller like Arduino or similar into the vehicle. I?m very new to electronics so I need a very detailed explanation please on how to accomplish this. I looked into micro linear actuators and Servo control as lifting apparatus, but they would need a Microcontroller to control lift limit. I also saw a 555 chip timer setup, but that was a little confusing to me. The trigger would just be maybe like a DPDT switch on the vehicle itself. Can someone please help me find a solution to this and as least expensive as it could be! I really appreciate your help!!!!


Putting it in "H"
Why not just a servo, a length of piano wire, and a remote with receiver? Just figure out a good mounting position and you’re done!