New Bumpers for the RC4WD Blazer Body


Let me 3D print that...
After a bit of work and testing, Mod19RC is proud to be releasing some new bumpers for the RC4WD Blazer body. There is a front bumper that replicates the stock bumper found on '73-'80 pickups.


This bumper has been reduced in size slightly for a more scale appearance and to make it less bulky. It also features the bumper bolt detail found on the 1:1 trucks. It attaches directly to the Blazer body with no modifications and uses the stock hardware. It is offered in both white and black materials to suit your build.

When painted and detailed, it makes the front of the pickup look complete.


Also available are two different styles of the rear step bumper. There is a stock style 2-rib bumper and an aftermarket 3-rib style version. Both versions feature tread plate detail on the top step, and holes for mounting a 3mm ball end to replicate the hitch ball. There are also pockets to insert 3mm LEDs into to have working license plate lights.

The bumpers attach directly to the RC4WD Blazer bed, but do require (2) longer M3 X 12mm self-tapping screws. These bumpers will be offered in white and black material to suit your build.


Painting and detailing the rear bumper brings the back end of the pickup to life!




All can be found on the Mod19RC Shapeways store:


Let me 3D print that...
Painting tips for these bumpers (and other Shapeways parts):

The material that these parts come printed in is a Nylon. They are actually a little porous overall and take paint quite well, despite being made from Nylon. Here is my technique for prepping and painting them.

1) Wash the parts in warm, soapy water to clean off any residue and dust remaining from the printing process.

2) Get a nice, quality filler/primer spray paint. You will want to make sure that it has some filling properties to help smooth out the surface texture.

3) Make sure the parts are good and try before priming. Since they are porous, it may take a little time or may require a little heat from a hair dryer if you want to paint right away.

4) Prime it completely with one medium coat of paint. This layer will seal up the surface and keep the parts from wicking in the paint.

5) Once the first coat has had time to flash apply two heavy coats of primer, allowing time for them to flash between coats. When applying the heavy coats be careful not to completely flood out the detailed areas of the parts. You may even want to do it in three less heavy coats if you are not comfortable with the process.

6) Let the primer dry completely (likely 24 hours). Wet sand the flat surfaces in a couple of stages (320 grit to 500-600 grit) to smooth out any remaining texture in the primer. Let the parts dry completely before painting.

7) Apply two wet coats of the color of your choice and let dry.

8) Enjoy your awesome looking new bumper!