Newbie ;; where do I solder small blue diode ?????? First Build


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Unhappy NEWBIE seeking help with steering. FIRST BUILD EVER
Hello I hope everyone is doing the best they can in theses strange times and I hope you and yours are well and healthy !!!

this is my first ever post. me:: Old Phart missing half my fingers, YES this has been the most awesome challenge I have undertaken. It was SLOW, DIFFICULT but I DID IT !!!! SORTA LOL
built 1/16 WPL B-16 came with 180 motor proportional steering and proportional throttle
Board XX-162R
9 gram WPL servo

Everything but the steering works of course took a while to find electronics instructions

Problem:: No steering

Steering accessory bag has a tiny Blue Resistor; Does this need to be installed if so can ANYONE PLEEZ !
Point me in the right direction
Approx 7 mm long Blue with black 5 stripes
Thanx Old Phart


Putting it in "H"
Welcome to the forum. Pretty specific problem, and I haven't seen a lot of people on the forum with WPL's. Perhaps you'll get lucky. One piece of advice, one thread is all you need. You won't reach any more people by starting two.


Wpls are more challenging since they left most of the quality at the factory. And there are hundreds of people selling 'the same' upgrades that are all completely different but seem to all use the same pics to advertise their stuff.

Do you have the motor steering with the clutch that keeps the motor screaming when turning?
Do you have a servo for steering?

What type of radio are you running?

I've seen people use the Resistor as an option to either put on LEDs to drop voltage, or put inline with a motor lead to slightly help with motor torque