Newby question here about lights


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I want to build a scale body but I can't find the headlights and tail lamps that could work. My question is where do you guys get your lights or how do you go about making them. Any advice could help thanks guys

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I'm betting most of us make them ourselves or repurpose them from other kits. For example, on a build I'm working on right now, I take reflectors from a bicycle, and cut them to fit. The headlights are from a Mojave body and I'm building my own buckets to seat the LED's in.


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Are you referring to the LED's or the buckets/lenses?

Lenses and/or buckets usually come with a body. If not there is likely an aftermarket product specifically for your model or a universal piece. Try a quick google search for pre-fab. Or you can make your own as mentioned above... there are techniques all over this forum.

As for the LED's they're available in different individual sizes and colors, as blinkers or break lights, in complete sets... it's endless. Another quick good search for what you're specifically looking for will easily get you started. Personally I go pre-fab here.

I found these guys through eBay a while back and they've been great


I wen't to fleabay:
got myself some lenses


and some power LEDs

little fiddling around and playing the amperage they work just great!

on the Wraith:

at the rear I demolished a leftover bicycle tail light. combined with 2 red LED

just my amateuristic 2 cents.. ;)


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if you dont want a hot spot in the tail light move the led to the edge so the light projects into the edge wrap the back side with alum duct tape and the lens should glow