Painting flesh


i ahve had a few people ask me how i paint faces on wild willy and recently on a JKRC head. my other hobby is warhammer 40000. it is an RPG game played with painted miniatures. I have been playing it since the 80's. having painted a few armies worth of minis in those years i have learned a few tricks. a few years ago a friend of mine had me write an article for his website that describes some of my methods.

here is a link to that article. it is half way down page, titled painting flesh tones.

the brand of paint i use is from a company called games workshop. there paint coems in a great colour range and has some very cool properties. because it is meant to paint miniatures the paint has a shrinking agent in it. it actually shrinks as it dries. this makes it so you never lose detail. the other thing i really like is that it is a water based paint!!! no thinners!!!! there paint also has a very high pigment count so that it covers very well reducing the amount of coats to cover.

there website is here. but you can find there products at most gaming stores.