PeeWee - 6x6 military monster


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Hey guys,
As my first post here I'm adding 'PeeWee', my Clod/Bullhead based military monster truck. Sorry for the lower quality pics, but my digital camera at the time is now an antique!

Wayyyyyyy back in February 2005 I bought this truck as a part-built project from a guy on New York - 8 weeks later it arrived with me in Greece, & I then set to finishing it. Hiding somewhere I have photos of the truck when I first mocked it together, but until I find those I'll post up a few of the truck when it was finished, around the end of 2006.


The chassis is (I believe) a one-off hand-made item of folded & welded steel, fitted with 3 Clodbuster gearboxes, six Clodbuster wheels/tires, a Bullhead cab unit & hand-made bed with fabric cover. The truck is 25.5" long, 15" wide & 16" tall, weighing around 14lb.


The basics had been sorted but I tore the whole thing down to every last nut & bolt, & rebuilt it from the ground up. All the paintwork & weathering is mine, I also scratchbuilt the exhausts, cab interior & added the driver figure. I also built the simple crate to hold the battery & bench seats, & a long list of other fixes & additions along the way.






Fast forward to September 2020, & I was inspired to get back into all things R/C so dug out PeeWee from storage with the plan to get him back on the road. Well, 14 years had taken it's toll, mostly on the tires - the Clodbuster tires weren't new when I got the truck, & they'd perished, cracked & collapsed completely. I found NOS ones on Ebay but they're very expensive (especially adding the cost of sending them to me on a tiny Greek island) so instead I ordered six 1:8 scale tires/wheels - unfortunately the seller only had 4 in stock at the time, so I'm waiting on the remaining 2 to arrive. But Peewee's back on wheels again, & meanwhile I'm repairing/rebuilding the centre gearbox because the hub attachments on the axle had broken. I'm also updating to new 2.4g radio, will be changing the shape of the fabric cover slightly, & relocating the battery crate. I'm also currently renovating the cab interior & want to add a few more small details inside & out to liven it up a bit.

So this is PeeWee as he stands right now..



As you can see, there's still a heap of collected dust to get rid of & he looks a bit odd with only 4 wheels! But hopefully the other tires will be with me soon & I can get the rims painted O/D, the third gearbox repaired, & then reinstalled - I'll post more when that happens, & a few more details of the build.

Cheers for now,


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Very unique build! Very cool to see what people have done with things from the old-school-cool world of the Clod!


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That looks badboy to start with i dont thibo the new wheels work too well, the first ones remind me of the tyres on my mc from. Kyosho mad armour
Cant wait to see more, is she brushless

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So 104 views & not a single comment.. I guess I'm not up to the standards of this forum..

It?s ok, things seem to be really slow on Forums plus we?re the so called newbies here, so it takes time for people to warm up to us. [emoji4]

I think your beast is pretty cool, I just never have much to say, so I?m bad too at communicating my thoughts. I?m working on it.

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Always nice to revive an old build! I guess it also makes you feel equally old lol

I like the custom exhaust, what is the grille material? Nice to see the lights on the bumper instead of the square ones molded in the fenders.

Don't worry about the no reply, it happens all the time a post goes under the radar. I know I mostly look at the threads from the New posts link that shows the most recent stuff, but the problem is if I don't visit a couple days I miss the new builds...



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Very cool build!

Yeah, not so many people in the monster area here so it's a bit slower than the Offroad section.

Look forward to seeing it back running again!


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That's a neat build, good stuff! Looking forward to seeing the updates you have planned.