Pickup Specific Tailgates for RC4WD Blazer Beds


Let me 3D print that...
If you are converting a RC4WD Blazer into a pickup, then put a pickup tailgate on it! :biggthumpup:

New in the Mod19RC Shapeways store are pickup specific tailgates that feature the right details on both the inside and the outside. Specifically, on the inside there is all the correct stamping details you would find in a pickup bed. On the outside the opening latch has been moved to the correct location and the lower stamping detail has been added.

This tailgate is dimensionally the same as the stock RC4WD version and uses the stock hinges and hardware to be installed.




Currently there are three versions on offer:
A late, smooth version that has no logo detail on the exterior.


A late Chevy version that has the logo stamping detail added on the exterior.


A late, GMC version that has the logo stamping detail added on the exterior.


Coming soon will be three more versions that are the same as above but in the early style that has a more rounded stamping detail and different lettering placement on the exterior.