Pit Bull PBX A/T Hardcore Alien compound review and video


I was at the PitBull Tires Super Series Mega-Cup Intergalactic Nationals of the Universe, aka Recon G6 at Blue Rocks Family Campground in Lenhartsville, PA (thanks for that mouthful, Parker :tongue:) last weekend and was fortunate enough to get the opportunity for some extended wheel time with the new Pit Bull PBX A/T Hardcore tires with Alien Puppy Kompound. The tires are still 3-4 weeks away from shipping, so it was quite a treat to get to run them for a full 100-gate stage. Big thanks to Desmond and the folks at Pit Bull for the opportunity.

For starters, hats off in a big way to Put Bull for bringing this new tire to the scale scene. From the basic specs, you can tell that Pit Bull means business:
- 4.05" OD
- 1.25" width
- New Pit Bull foams designed specifically for this tire
- Alien Kompound (their stickiest)
- Ultra scale tread pattern to match the 1:1 PBX A/T Hardcore tire

To put these through their paces, I ran them on my GCM J2 Skeleton with China Jeep body. The basic setup includes GCM's Terramod axles, HH Puller Pro Stubby 3300 with HH BLE ESC on 3S, 90mm RC4WD RRD Emulsions in front, and Dinky RC cantilevers in the rear. I usually run RC4WD 1.9" Kryptons with X2SS tires unweighted on GCM 12-spoke beadlocks. The Kryptons are an excellent C1 tire in a wide range of conditions, and I love their aggressive look. I had already run that setup on 3 stages (250 gates) at that event, so this was the perfect C1 rig to test out the new Pit Bulls. The set I tried was installed on Pit Bull's new glue-on vented wheels with stock foams and 2 oz of lead rope in each front tire.

So how did they do? Extremely well, I must say. Performance was eye-opening, particularly given the narrow width and highly scale tread pattern. Grip was terrific in a wide range of conditions, from wet rocks and leaves to loose dirt on a steep hill climb. The tires had no problem transitioning from mud to slippery rocks without needing spin cycles to clear. Side hill performance was another pleasant surprise for such a skinny tire running stock foams. Even on extreme side hills (one of this rig's strengths), fold over was very manageable and the tires just kept gripping. Overall, I was very impressed. This is definitely a tire that will look great in a show-and-shine and then go out to tear it up in a comp. Bravo, Pit Bull, for a great addition to the scale scene!

The only bummer to the day was having to give them back. But no worries, as I look forward to getting my hands on a set (or 3, lol) once they're released.

Here are a few pix with the new Pit Bulls (don't laugh at the stock, unpainted body, please...haven't gotten around to painting and detailing it, lol):


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Here's what it looks like with my usual setup for comparison:


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I must say, I was very impressed watching these tires perform in person. I'll be trying these for sure on my CL 1!


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I like the look of these, seem to side hill well with standard foams no tyre roll over. Very nice


Dez tells me they are expecting the first production shipment to arrive any day now. He sent me a set to try out on some other rigs at home, so it seemed like the perfect time for an updated review. Spoiler alert - I'm impressed.