Primer, I shouldn't do this, but can I get away with it?


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Lol my budget is $7, so in other words use the crap already on hand. This is for my MN D90 build, so if it goes sideways not a big deal, but still kinda want to give it a fighting chance.

I have a cabinet FULL of random spray paints. I got some Rust Oleum rusty metal paint, not sure if it would be safe for plastics though? It would make an awesome scratch to "rust" base coat though if so.

Otherwise, I "may" have a Krylon rust red primer that would work instead.

First question, can I reasonably safely mix brands of primer? Rust Oleum and Krylon?

Next I want to use Krylon ultra 2x for my main primer coat. I swear the sales guy told me Krylon was acrylic, but can't find anything to confirm or deny that. And it was a long time ago.... I want to use the Krylon as a base, then airbrush over top that with the Apple Barrel Acrylic paint.

I have always been careful to match types of paints and also stick with one brand per project, but I don't have that as a real option here. Is there a safe, or at least safer way to go about doing this for this project? If it is safer to stick with matched, then I can probably rattle can the whole project. But I want to get some practice and use out of the airbrush.

My guess would be to follow max drying times listed for each paint before applying something else over top? But something tells me there is likely more to this...


What the hell was that?!
There are different types of Krylon. Read the label. Most are some kind of acrylic lacquer though.
The rule of thumb is to not to put lacquer over enamel but you can put enamel over lacquer.