Project Unimog 6x6 - Cooper


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final stretch:

Fitted a new and stronger 1:5 planetary gearbox because the old one was too slow(1:9)


And assembled almost everything to do some real world tests






After this, I'll disassemble everything to paint the chassis and mount the spare, fuel tank and exhaust


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Truck looks really good, and seems to perform well.

Thanks! I'm solving some issues but is fun to drive!

A curiosity:

3D printing is a awesome tool but not everything can came out like it should. Sealed Bearings are tricky pieces and demand precision. On the first axles, used the Dremel to proper seat the pinion bearings but was much of a guesswork.To little and the axles halves doesn't close, too much and the bearing gets loose

Did this improvised cutter with the right diameter and spacing:




Simply fit it and screw the halves while rotating the tool. There's no chance of cutting too much


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This is looking mint :biggthumpup:

Great work!

This Unimog has turned out so nice! It just keeps getting better and better.

Thanks guys! much appreciated

I took it apart to fix some things and paint the chassis. Was to paint the wheels but paint ran out...Someone told to paint it black but...all chassis are black...



Did the fuel tank mounts in TPU to bend instead of breaking like the old ones...

I'm in the process of assemble each axle with proper bolts,gear mesh and correct tolerances. Also, I'm adding lights which are my Achilles heel. Not hard stuff but not a big fan :)


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As the first post of 2021, a small thing I've done some time ago and put aside until now. It's 3D printed and the bends were done with heat.






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There's not much to do on this truck,besides finish the lights(which I'm doing in the right mood :) )

I've got some AK weathering pencils and wanted to try them. Saw the mirrors scratched from the trails and decided to apply some rust instead of touching up with OD green




This is my first try to do rust


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When I've added the rubber around the windshield, tried the same on the side windows but couldn't glue the tube around that smaller opening and quit. Now,I'm back to it with a different approach

Paper template and then passed to PVC sheet:


First cuts:


After some sanding:


And painted:





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Lovely! Glad to see you're still able to login. Did you sort it out?
Yes, fortunately I can post again! Got a new security suite which includes a VPN solution. Logged here successfully with that VPN and after that, tried the same without VPN and had no problems since. Maybe was unrelated but I can post here so seems solved!


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This is the new upgraded transfer case. Same dimensions to fit the skidplate. Designed around these new 24t M1 pinions instead of the stock scx10 gearbox gears. The idea was to get rid of the 1:1.7 redution(truck was painfully slow) and try to connect to the 3rd axle via this pinion on the right that will have an output shaft facing the rear,instead of the 2nd axle being a pass-through. Case printed in PLA+,gears are steel, running on 7x14 bearings and ignore those 5x10 bearings that are only spacers




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Nicely done. I have really enjoyed watching this truck progress.

Thanks a lot! It means a lot. When I've started this, was a complete noob but I'm pretty happy on how it turned out. Above my expectations. The cab could be better but I'm not changing because is it's character

I've converted the 2nd axle from pass-through to regular axle with the bearings' mount for the driveshafts for the 3rd axle



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Man, what an awesome build! Great detail as well, excellent work on the suspension and drive tubes, and all around excellent work!


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Man, what an awesome build! Great detail as well, excellent work on the suspension and drive tubes, and all around excellent work!
Thanks a lot!

Was doing some tweaks on the rear axles and last weekend was ready to print but my printer gave up in need of some TLC.

This weekend the printer works like brand new and I'm doing these 4 sections. The third axle is done, helicoils applied and bearings' grooves corrected . I was about to doing a centered 3rd axle but I've offset the pumpkin 15mm to improve driveshaft angles. From reference photos, this model of Unimog axles are slight offset so no harm done :)