Project Unimog 6x6 - Cooper


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This is taking more time and thought that I've expected. Torquetubes are cool but now I'm seeing why I only saw one project with them. There's a couple of things to consider. Anyway, managed to print the prototype for the front axle. I'm still waiting for the other diff gears and bearings to arrive




There's the torquetube and the next thing to do is the spherical chassis mount...but need to center the transfer case outputs first. It's not a problem with normal driveshafts but if the axle diff is centered,so must be the transfer case


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just to keep this going:

My transfer case was a 2s Helios, nice case but big. Wasn't able to center it and adapting the torquetubes to it would be a PITA so, Plan B:


This transfer case has everything integrated and it's small as possible. Uses stock scx10 gears so is easy to repair. Could used smaller gears but the torquetube mounts will always be this size so there was no advantages

Here, everything mocked up with the v1 transfer case(above is the v2,not as tall)

This transfer case will bolt to a new skidplate that isn't ready.


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Did the skidplate and mount the transfer box as centered as I could. The torquetubes require that. The skidplate sits lower than the older one but I think that wouldn't be a problem, this is a scale truck afterall

Quick mockup:




Missed the torquetube length by a couple of milimeters but the real ones will be machined from aluminium so it's fine

The rear trackbar mounts are in place. Need to redo the motor mount and wait for the diff bearings to arrive. My plane is to complete and mount an axle before moving to the next one


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Quite slow but I don't gave up on this. Even if it's harder than I thought....(so that's why few people try to do this...hmmmmm)

Still waiting for bearings and better filament to print the axles but in the meanwhile, did a new motor mount because the old one will interfere with the front torquetube. Speaking of torquetubes, started on the definitive ones, printed one at first to confirm the length and if everything worked.

So, now in aluminium:







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Slow progress...still waiting for parts. In the meanwhile, tried to improve the front axle. It had regular shock/link mounts but I would need space for the shocks. Besides, these type of mounts are sensible to print orientation, making the rest of the axle stronger, leaves these weak


Up is new, down is old. The mount is now a single hole where the shock eyelet bolts directly. This and every threaded hole will take m3 helicoils


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This is intense man! Keep pushing, project like this must get a little overwhelming at times. Awesome to see this level of design.



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This is intense man! Keep pushing, project like this must get a little overwhelming at times. Awesome to see this level of design.


Thanks! yes...overwhelming is the right word. I'm not complaining. I like challenges but I didn't except some things but I'm solving problems one by one. Yesterday did one that was on my head for a while: How to extend the diff pinion shaft.

On SCX10 gears, this would be easier: a longer shaft where the pinion fit...the pinion on scx10.2 has the shaft incorporated. So, I had the option of welding a shaft but would have to repeat that if I wanted to change the pinion. There was not space inside the torquetube to do something with a grub screw holding the 2 parts

So, the idea replaces the grub screw with a 2.5mm metal rod,hammered in the ends, like a rivet. This way, I can replace the pinion shaft and bearings






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Small thing that will never be seen:


A bronze bushing on the end of each torquetube to take the load out of the universal joint. The opposite side of the shaft has the 2 regular bearings for the pinion

Yes, I know, crappy post but it has been slow days. Still didn't receive diff bearings so I've also made 5x14x5 bronze bushings to act as placeholders on the axle. But the ASA filament arrived and I'm printing a proper axle right now


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Some fantastic engineering going on here, and excellent documentation. Well done! Loving this build.


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Some fantastic engineering going on here, and excellent documentation. Well done! Loving this build.

Thanks!I'm trying my best :)

Well. The bearings finally came ! just ordered them in the 1st of May, no big deal :)

With those, I could fit the gears properly,see where they are rubbing and also fitted the driveshafts

Also, did these reinforcement rods, like the real one has







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Such a cool build!


Thank you!

Not much of a progress, printed the 3rd axle and it's in place(need to take pics), 2nd axle is still being modeled. Didn't have the time to sit and finish it properly.

But I've made this:





You may not remember but my steering was like this:

It was to try to make it more scale and also hide the servo. Well, it kind of worked. Even with a 25kg servo, it seemed to lack torque and in bad spots, the servo just won't turn the wheels. Besides, tie-rods hit each other.
So, simple is better and now the servo is mounted on the bumper. Made 2 brass mounts and the servo is angled to clear the bottom of the cab and also the servo horn(+rod-end) clear the steering rod


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Hi people!

Now that the 3rd axle is in place with proper links, tackled the most difficult axle, the 2nd. Figured the angle difference between the 2 shafts via basic prototypes and then did the full axle model

This is one of halves:


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Well,printed one of this axle halves horizontally like the other axles but ended being weak on the portal box end,so tried something new.

Printing vertically will make both ends stronger and better finished but the tube weaker so enlarged the bore in the model to accept a 8mm tube drilled to clear the shaft




Let's see if it holds...


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Late night work to get to this point:



Unfortunately,couldn't find a way to make a torquetube for the 3rd axle. A regular driveshaft will have to do...