Projects so far


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Hi Toki here, just wanted to show some of my current projects so far. All bodies were printed using an Ender 3 pro! I am not a professional by any means, and I've been testing different kinds of materials, adhesions, and paints. If you have any tips and tricks I'm all ears! Majority of printed parts were printed at .2 layer height and for the more smaller details such as bumpers,lens, and mirrors were printed at .14 layer height.

Filaments Used:
Matter Hackers PLA and PETG ( My personal Favorite Brand to use so far)
Gizmo Dorks PLA
Sunlu PLA

Filler used:
Tamiya White Putty
Squadron Grey Putty
Rustoleum Filler Primer

Rustoleum Painter's Touch

Adhesion used:
JB weld
CA Glue
Shoe Goo ( Personal Favorite so far)
PLA Slurry

1st Attempt

2nd Attempt
Datsun 720.png

3rd Attempt
4runner1.png4Runner 2.png