Protecting the DRX...


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Well, after running this thing for a few weeks it was time to do the mods recommended by others to help keep things nice and clean under the body

Parts used: MP9 side guards, MP9 buggy body, velcro and some foam.





Ready to roost and rip it up! These are such fun cars to drive!



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THanks for posting this up. This is a sure fix for junk in the center driveline. Perfect! I find the stock cover brittle and only half baked, but it's still helps some.

If I may add to your post, on 'protecting the DRX', here's my tip of the day to keep the front end from bashing off on a poor landing:

I decided to build one of these lexan underbody skids for this car. I want to be able to just 'drive it' and not worry about dismemberment every time there's a bump or rock or stump. This is the permanent fix. Proven on a bunch of other cars I've owned and run, one of them is the SuperDuty Slider Ford drift truck.

First, did a basic shaping of a chunk of flat 1/8 lexan plate. This stuff is so tough, wow. It will bend if you step on it, but then comes back to flat. Super tough.


I needed some spacers between the original (high) bumper and the new skid, so I was looking around and...... Finally found a use for stock Axial Exo Diff cups!! Perfect! Haha.
The new skid is bolted through these cups and into the stock bumper support screws. LONG screws for these 2. Then it's also bolted into the front frame section using 5mm longer flatheads in the original 4 screw holes between the front A arms. SUper nice fit, solid as a rock. Easy maintenance if needed.


Here's an underbody shot. You can see I trimmed and filed up the skid nicely to match up the body line.. as best as possible really, so there's no way the body can get pinched anywhere. It's amazing how well this works once you try it and have a big crash and go have a look.. there's so little damage to the body this way. You can also see how it fits under there, protects all the way up to the front arms and wheels, and then opens up to allow dirt etc to get out. Rocks are the biggest problem, really, but they can still get out alive.


Being clear also helps to check if there's something stuck in the front, or there's a problem up there. Nice to see the bottom of the intercooler also :rock:


The frame-side of this thing is just saw cut with little care for quality. The front is the opposite. I trimmed it slow and carefully to get a nice match all the way around, and it sits just in the right spot. Barely visible if you don't know to look for it, and super body protection.