RC4WD Blazer Bed Extension for Pickup Conversions


Let me 3D print that...
Hello again Scale Builder's Guild.

To go with the RC4WD Blazer cab back, I am excited to offer a bed extension to help complete the pickup conversion. Currently I am offering a 12" wheelbase version and a 12.3" wheelbase version. I am using the 12" version on my personal build because I like the symmetrical look it gives to the bed like a true short bed. I know others like a slightly longer wheelbase, and the 12.3" wheelbase is standard for many chassis. Other wheelbases can be offered by request if folks want something different. The price increases roughly $8 per .325" of extra length based on how Shapeways prices material (increased volume).

Important Note: The wheelbase specs are assuming that the body is cut directly behind the cab and that the front, inner edges (bottom and sides) are preserved in unmodified form. Detailed instructions to follow.

The bed extensions can be found in the Mod19RC Shapeways store here: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/mod19-rc?li=pb







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Brilliant! And something I'll probably need from you at some point. Shared on our FB page today too.