RC4WD leaf spring mounts for AR44?

Willys Wheeler

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Has anyone used these leaf spring mounts? https://store.rc4wd.com/Leaf-Spring-Mounts-for-Axial-AR44-Single-Piece-Axle-Housing_p_7775.html
I am thinking about doing rear leaf springs on my trail honcho chassis but I haven't been able to find any close-up pictures of these mounts for the single piece housing. I think I might have to get a different set of leaf springs because the Gmade springs I have only have 1 center hole, and these mounts don't look like I can use a U-bolt around the axle to hold the springs down.


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I'd mix RC4WD leaf mounts with RC4WD leafs. I haven't used those specifically, but did use the ones included with the entire leaf conversion. Worked fine.


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like Imthatguy said i would only use the rc4wd leafs with their mounts. Some Tamiya leaf spring will work as well if you want a differant length leaf spring