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I've been working on an Enduro Sendero. The body is very 80s, so I decided instead of an LED light bar, to go with more old school buckets, KC Highlights style. Went to the hobby shop and got a kit, it was cheap so why not... But I found two main issues and I'm wondering how people solve them.

One is the buckets leak light through the back where the LED come in. I spent most of my Saturday trying to fix that by covering the back surface of the LED with electrical tape, which was a lot of cutting and a whole lot of work. Still didn't get it to seal light 100%. What do folks do here?

Second issue, wiring. In 1:1 light bars the wiring is ran through the inside of the buckets and then through the bar which is obviously hollow. The LED wires stick out the back 5mm or so. They can be bent down for a cleaner wiring solution but no where near scale. Again, what do you do?

Thanks in advance

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Hi xplan - I share your pain with off-the-shelf light buckets... what I do is once the LEDs are installed, is fill in the holes/gaps with either filler or two-part epoxy, sand the joins smooth and then paint the backs of the lamps to match the rest. It does mean the LEDs will never come out again, but equally, the glue actually stops the wires/solder joints from potentially coming loose of course.

The other thing you can do if you want a slightly more scale look is not use the rear hole, but fill that and drill a new hole in the side of the lamp bucket - I did this on top for these rear lamps for example, so the wiring was essentially hidden against the lamp bracket - and again, once the LED is installed, fill any gaps with filler/glue and paint over to seal in the light.

Hope that helps...