Rear Steering - 3-Link vs 4-Link and Chassis vs Axle Mounted Servo


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I'm in the process of building my new C3 rig with 4WS. This vehicle is being built on a rail-based chassis based loosely based off the SCX10-II design, which came with a 3-link w/ panhard setup for the front, and 4-link for the rear. The front servo will be chassis-mounted (servo winch mounted side-by-side to the steering servo), using the included 3-Link setup.'s the rear I'm inquiring about.

As I mentioned, the chassis comes with a rear 4-link setup. I see three possibile ways to set this up - 1) chassis-mounted servo & 4-link (my preferred configuration), 2) chassis-mounted servo & 3-link w/ panhard (although, I'd have to figure out how to attach a panhard mount to the rear of the chassis), and 3) axle-mounted servo & 4-link (my "fallback" option, and as it is on my 'old' C3 rig).

The 'problem' I'm having is this - in regards to my primary choice...chassis-mounted servo & 4-link...I've been told two completely different things by two different people. One said it's easily doable, and will work without any problems. I'd just have to remove the rear half of the rear chassis brace, and come up with a way to chassis-mount the servo (which I've already figured out how to do). The other said it won't work, and that my only options are options 2 & 3.

Both of these people have been involved in competitive RC crawling for many years (one would think, because of this, both should be quite knowledgeable), plus they know each other. However, once again, they are saying completely opposite things. Obviously, I'm "confused", as both CAN'T be "true"...either 'option 1' will work, or it won't. This is where input from others that more knowledgeable than I am would really help, and would be greatly appreciated.

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