Resistance Soldering


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Had to order an affordable Resistance Soldering unit to complete the more serious RC builds and especially the tiny upcoming models and dioramas. I've got ZERO patience for stuff melting off when I'm melting on others.
I chose this one from MicroMark and added it to the cart for my most recent order. Seems like a reasonable value for $199 and so far MicroMark's been great wheneverI have a product issue.

Wondering if any of you use one (or similar) for this or other hobbies?
Thought I'd share the video for those who go "whatthashitisresistancesoldering?"

I'll post up a few other videos that I found on the subject....


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That's an interesting tool, I have spent more than 20 years soldering stuff together (including automotive battery cables) for a living and have never come across this technique before :laughing:.

Thanks for sharing, I can for see a new tool appearing in my workshop in the not to distant future.


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Well it just goes to learn something new every day!! That's brilliant! Looks like a great alternative especially for brass.


Maybe take up knitting.
Kev, I used to use one of these units every day about 20 years ago. This is surely the most accurate bench soldering method available, and it tends to do a much better job on wiring than any of the stick soldering methods, or flame. There's so much control available with the switched methods like this. Amazing. You're going to love this! I should source out another one myself!


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Yeah I'm pretty excited to try it out. I've built some complex brass stuff before without and know the rage creeps up pretty quick when you've got 10 nice pieces of brass in a puddle. I was tempted to go with one of the higher end units but will wait to see how well this works and upgrade later if I really like it.


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Honestly that's the first thing that went through my mind !

Certainly an interesting Tool, the amount of local heat surely is something. Till now when I soldered brass together I used an big soldering iron (40w) and you to wait till the solder melted. Occasionally other weld let loose again.


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Might do the trick, for me I'm not much of a bargain hunter. I like to research the product and toss a little cash at the project. Trying to beat the cost of quality stuff as history has proven the agivation and extra cost isn't worth the savings.
Kinda like bringing home that free puppy, give it a month and you'll be into it for 2K.

Happy soldering!


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yeah, I's a 2 years old post... but just found out about this baby! i'm an electronic technician, so soldering electronic parts is part of my daily routine... (yeah I can solder stuff under a microscope...) and I tried my soldering iron to do some brass stuff, but it takes forever to heat it up enough so the solder wire actually melt and well solder the 2 parts together...

Anybody tried to make full cages with this? can it heat enough to solder solid rods? that would be great!