Saleen - driveway Pounder


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This all started with a botched tire instalation... Guys make sure when installing HPI T-Drift tires to use boiling water, The sledge hammer and a board just don't make for nice results! A bit of cleanup, dyed a set of my old wheels and reused the tires.

A few reasons for another body...
Always wanted to paint one, always wanted to own one, even if these quick body projects don't turn out I need parked cars for the driveway (you'll see). Supposed to be nice on Saturday and thought I could get some much needed practicing in, something new to look at is modivation.

A few weeks back Curly handed me a bag of what would make amazing exaust tips, especialy after you discolor them with the torch...nice idea buddy!

Ever since playing the early versions of Gran Tourismo one of my favorite rides was a red Saleen Mustang.


As far as I made it last night, a few more details and we'll call it done. I've definatly realized that I'm not a 200mm body guy, they're just stretched a little to far out of proportion...project parked car on the way. I'll post up some outside pics tomorrow.
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looks awsome, cool idea with the exaust, clean looking car:biggthumpup: