Sam's Garage


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Best thread I've ever seen. I agree with Generis, who needs a tv! Keep up the good work!


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Outstanding!!!! The various shop details, story line, videos,& presentation are AWESOME!!!!!:wow:::2thumbs
Very entertaining,look forward to the next update!


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I just went through the whole thread and I gotta say this is amazing!!! I have laughed soooo hard with the plot!!!! Inspiring work Shannon! Cheers from Costa Rica mate!

Moises C.


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:wow: Just mine blowing stuff Shannon, very enjoyable couple of hrs going through this thread.... ::2thumbs
Your work is a massive inspiration to all and now I also don't feel so bad about my messy shed.... ::D ::laugh:
Thanks for sharing



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I just reviewed the whole 48 pages... Awesome work there, this is so funny and well imaginated !

Bravo ::2thumbs !

I'll stay connected