Sam's Garage


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I had the feeling that sooner or later photobucket will blackmail users, and it seems I was not wrong. Now this beauty cannot be seen. Luckily I made a complete capture in Evernote before.


Take me 2 ur Tiny Trucks.
Wow this was a fantastic find... Great show Im looking forward to watching re-runs I never saw! Long live Sams Garage!


G'day Champions.



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Happened to me once too! When I got finally back home I noticed that nothing was changed as our roof was still leaking and my wife was still pregnant. What a relief!

Well not really. But happy to see Sam and you again! :laughing:


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Yes! I just found this thread a few weeks ago and I didn't have to wait 2 years for it to start again.


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Sir i take my hat off to you.

i have just spent the last 2 hours of work (im the boss so its ok) reading this entire thing.

have liked the facebook page and im about to click sub.

i inspire to be half as good as your self at building one day.

Thank you once again.